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I am Sania and quite literally on the ‘write’ side of life!

Born in Delhi, ‘well’ brought up in Lucknow and based in Pune.

I am a medical professional by education but a writer by heart, my cupboard is not stacked with LVs & Guccis but I appreciate sensible fashion, does not hold a degree in interior designing but have an eye for classy decor, do not make round & soft chapattis but can whip up the most authentic lucknavi biryani & kababs in 40 minutes flat!


Established tea addict,

 Can’t do without Pinterest,

Have OCD for creativity,

Getting rehab for online binge shopping!

You will find a handful of ideas about ‘anything & everything’ here. This blog is about all things even remotely allied to good living, style, health, fashion, travel, movies, parenting and everything else GUD under the sun.

 Go, indulge!

To share a word with me, email at saniashariq@gmail.com (I check my mails every 15 minutes, ah….another OCD).


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My Media Coverage

Short Ad Film

I was featured in a short film made by JWT, Mumbai, which went on winning a Bronze medal at Goa Fest, 2015 and got nominated at CANNES Film Festival, 2015 under ‘Innovative Advertisements’ category.


Front page coverage as a Safe Food Ambassador for Tetra Pak, India on 8th May, 2015 in Times of India.

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