Hand Painted Lanterns – Bask in the Glow of Love!

Glass Colour - Lantern 7

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DIY Glass Painting Lantern

Hey there!

Valentine’ month is here and love is all over in the air……

Everyone want’s to give a personalised gift to their loved one; something which truly holds the essence affection, handcrafted with love ONLY for that special one!

Lunch/Dinner dates during this time are much anticipated. Last year we went to a restaurant en famille for dinner and they had used lanterns as tea light holders. the dear ol’ lalten! Whoa! Felt nice to see one in a long time.

They had used those grungy looking lanterns which were going with the forest theme of the restaurant. Taking inspiration from there I am planning to create something romantic for my Valentine. You can do it to deck your place just-like-that as well.

What I gathered/bought:

How I did it:

  • Remove the glass bowl from the lantern
  • Colour the base with acrylic colours (I painted it red for the colour of love)
  • Then start working on the bowl. Clean it thoroughly and dry it.

Glass Colour - Lantern 4

  • Draw your design on it. I decided to go natural with loads of leaves and flowers. If you want to follow the same design, start by marking the branches with 3D outliner gold.

Glass Colour - Lantern 3

  • Then make concentric leaves on the branches with the same out liner.
  • Make them all over and let it dry for 45 minutes to an hour.
  • Now start filling in glass colours of your choice. Ensure that the colours do not come out of the leaves.

Glass Colour - Lantern 2

  • As the surface is vertical it is advisable to tilt the bowl slightly and then fill the colours.
  • Let the colour dry on one side before manoeuvring the other.
  • Stick small stones or embellishments for flowers with fabric glue.

Glass Colour - Lantern 1


And there it is, my glass painting project ready to be gifted!

There are many more glass painting designs, some as simple as a mosaic which will work with a lantern and look dramatic and pretty at the same time. So get going, spring up a surprise for your loved one!

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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