Event Review – 3 Dynamic Ladies & Lots of GUD Words

As I entered Crossword’s newly opened store at Aundh in Pune, the first thing which took my attention was a dazzling smile set on a pretty face, clad in a prettier dress!


Oh yeah, that was Pooja Makhija, the celebrity nutritionist who is behind the fit and fab bodies of Deepika, Ranbir, Hritik and most of the Bollywood brigade.

Catching up with her was Naomi George, the supermom, who raised babies, survived toddlers and still managed to love herself! Hats off to her and all the mommies who have ‘been there, done that’.

Then entered luminescent skinned skin specialist, Dr. Jamuna Pai. Celebs vouch for her magic and I too had no doubts left, seeing her own flawless baby-like skin at this age (no offense intended, she herself proudly announced she has grand children!!).


The event was more about the book release of these ladies, who have penned down their experiences and summed them up in the pages of their respective books. It was organized by HarperCollins India and was meant to share GUD words on skincare, diet/nutrition and parenting, which eventually DID left the audience asking for more.

The event began with interaction focused on their respective domains.


Dr. Jamuna Pai started off by quoting her book ‘No One Has to Know’ that beautification of bodies is present from times immemorial and there is a definite science behind it. When princesses bathed in milk, they might not have known in those times that it is the effect of lactic acid which is making their skin soft and supple by loosening and removing the dead skin or it is the presence of hydraulic acid in citrus fruits which is clearing the tanning of skin.

She advised that keep the body alkalized by consuming lots of water and unsweetened drinks because acidic body leads to inflammation which ultimately result in aging. Bad lifestyle choices such as smoking, drinking, sleeping for fewer hours and other such unhealthy ways of living can affect adversely on our skin.

As also mentioned in her book ‘eat. delete.’, Pooja Makhija said beauty is not gender biased; women are just more vocal about it! Today, people are not shying away from seeking professional help and are ready to invest time and money in doing so. Society is waking up to good life. But sometimes in advent of finding something ‘new’, don’t get all messed up. Like, it’s OK if you don’t get quinoa (the lattest fad in healthy eating) in your local grocery shop, barley (jou) or raagi will work just as good.


The important thing is to stick to healthy eating and develop it into a HABIT; then only it will last and reap you results. Choose healthy foods that you can continue for a long time rather than something which will not go beyond couple of days.

Noami George, author of ‘Mum-Me’ had an interesting take on kids, being mommy and all things parenting. Her suggestion to all the mothers (especially over-enthusiastic new ones) was to try and be the best that YOU CAN be and not how good other mums are. Don’t get into the pressure of being PERFECT. Take out time for ‘yourself’. ASK (read demand) for help from spouse and family. Allocate and divide responsibilities.


During the Q & A session from audiences, suddenly everyone wanted to get that ‘free’ piece of advice from the experts, to which they graciously obliged, question after question; every time ‘one last question’, getting pushed away by another new one.

While the authors were in midst of signing copies of their books, writing sweet notes on them and getting selfies clicked with enthusiastic audiences, I took leave, still in awe this the lustrous skin, fit body and oozing confidence of these glowing ladies.

An evening well spent!

Event covered by Sania Siddiqui


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