5 Cheats to Look Slimmer

God kept perfect figures exclusive; limited edition.9 out of 10 females are unhappy about their bodies and hold a ‘weighty issue’. 

So if you are one of them, as a quick-fix, give these little tricks a try and make others find you at least 5 lbs slimmer – instantaneously!

Sania’s 5 cheats to look slimmer!

1. Stick to flowy & light fabrics

Sorry dahling! Close your eyes for cotton, silk, corduroy and other similar fabric. Choose tops, kurtas or tunics in crepe, chiffon or georgette material, basically anything that has a tendency of going away from your body, rather than sticking to every curve and crevice of it.

Go for long flowy tops

Smart tip: Instead of ‘stitched-in’ lining for such sheer clothes, wear stretchable spaghetti in converse or matching colour. You will look feminine and feel like a million buck

2. Wear long & straight dresses

Let anarkalis be there in vogue forever but for a sure-shot slimmer effect for a heavy frame, nothing better than a very-very long (almost halfway below knees or longer-the-better as per today’s trend) straight cut kurta with high-up slits or a similar length dress in western wear.

High slits

Short kurta up to or above knees with leggings is a sin. Stay clear!

If you can’t do without kalis for that festive dress, add fewer numbers of kalis.  Maintain the straight look, keep the fabric light and sheer, length long and slits intact.

3. Heels, heels, heels

An additional 3-4 inches to your frame will increase your length vs breath proportion. Simple & quick!


4. Sleeve length

Limb hugging sleeves till wrist will give you elongation instantly. But if that is not too practical a solution considering weather conditions, go for well fitted quarter sleeves. Sleeveless, cape or short sleeves will only showcase your flab.

Wear quarter length tight sleeves


If the fabric of your top is little thick, try to make the sleeves out of a sheer material in matching colour.

5. ‘Pencil’ is your keyword

 f1fd6f417c0401d6368538025448dbddPencil skirt, pencil trouser and pencil jeans should be your best pals. Skipchuridaars & gathered leggings for your long kurtas, instead wear them with pencil pants or ankle length leggings.

DIY ankle length leggings – Wear your usual long chudidar. Mark below ankle. Cut and sew neatly. Viola! Your ankle length, trendy leggings are ready without spending anything.

All images via Pinterest

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