5 Scrapbook Decoration Ideas with Punch Craft


Every time you decide to start making a scrapbook, you always promise to maintain the neatness and strive to beautify it. But sometimes, due to lack of time or patience, your best attempts may fail, and you feel like tearing off the page, or two, or all of them.

But worry not!

Even if you don’t have a creative skill set, with some awesome ideas to fuel your creativity, you’ll be heading in the right direction.



What is punch craft?

Punch craft, as the name suggests, is the practice of punching out varying shapes using colorful paper and a punching tool.  The beauty of this method lies not only in punching out exquisite shapes, but also in assembling the cutouts to create a comprehensive design.

How can you use it in your scrapbook?

A scrapbook is more than just written words on paper. As you sit to record your life, here are five fun scrapbook ideas you may use

1. Ribbons

In order to highlight specific pages, use paper ribbons with the help of craft punches. To ensure your scrapbook looks organized; use corner punches and cut-out floral designs which will help set the pages apart. As you flip through, this will also enable you to locate specific pages easily.

2. Memories

Whether it is a trip to the beach, your birthday, or a seemingly ordinary day which stands out on its own, there is no better way to immortalize it than by using paper punch craft tools. Recreate a sandcastle, the cake, or your favorite thought of the day with the help of layered punches.

unnamed (1)


3. Paper Flowers

While considering scrapbooking ideas, you cannot ignore paper flowers. Not only are these classic design elements high on visual appeal, but are also easy to make.  Move over monotonous colors, and use different hues of the same color for a single flower to add a vibrant touch to the pages.


unnamed (2)



We are all guilty of forgetting where we left off while reading a scrapbook. To add to this, we often end up frantically searching for the page we last read. Before you encounter this situation again, you could use this craft to resolve the problem   altogether! Punch a combination of your favorite paper craft designs onto a narrow paper and attach it with a twine or a thin mesh wire.


unnamed (3)


5. Pet Pages

Your pet is an important part of your life, which should definitely reflect in your scrapbook. Why not dedicate an entire section to your pet? Using different layers of paper, create a cute avatar of your pet in your scrapbook. This makes sure you carry a bit of them everywhere you go.

Scrapbooking is a fun activity one can indulge in at any age. Buy multiple punching tools in diverse shapes and sizes so you could easily combine them in layers to create unique punch craft designs. A scrapbook will ensure your trips down memory lane are not only more illustrated, but also brighter.


Image Source – http://www.hobbyideas.in/diy/view/circle-book-journal1

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