A to Z of Acrylic Colours & Painting

Acrylic colours & acrylic paints are among the most versatile paints and can be used straight from the tube they come in.

…and they are just so much fun to use!

Let’s see what all and how you can create magic using them.

Technique & Tools

There are different techniques though & once you’ve assembled all of the necessary tools for acrylic painting, you can start the fun part: applying paint to paper, fabric or canvas!

A simple brush, a bit of acrylic paint & a paper can be used for a variety of styles.

Directly from the brush

You can apply paint undiluted by water to canvas or fabric using a dry brush to create a strong current of color on the page. Paint strokes are likely to be uneven since they won’t have water to soften the edges and if done right, should provide an artsy effect. Keep in mind that dry brush application lends texture and movement to lines.



Another method commonly used is stippling. Paint an assortment of tiny dots to create imagery that brings out texture and forms a scene with subtle colorful variations if you use a wet brush, try flicking paint onto your canvas creating a beautiful abstract splatter.



Great effect can be created using the corner of a sponge and dabbing it onto your canvas or fabric. This technique adds texture & movement to your art & can bring about magical effects.

Detailing can also be done using a small brush but to create a really artistic effect, use a palette knife. While it may seem a bit scary, simply spreading paint onto your work surface like your spread butter on bread. Using the tip of the knife works quite well for controlling the spread of paint.


Separate each color or hue into different shapes. Paint in the shapes. This will add more pronounced borders and texture to your project. It works particularly well with monochromatic palettes and even a variety of colors. Mixing acrylic colors is quite simple – create unique blends by mixing up colors using a palette knife. By mixing & matching all these techniques, you can create subtle variances in your paintings. Refine it and find what works best for you as you go along.


You can purchase acrylic paint online from various ecommerce websites and online stores. Buying acrylic colors online from Fevicryl or Hobby Ideas is a good option. Several varieties of acrylic paints are available and they vary greatly in terms of colors, texture, sizes, and applications so it’s usually better to buy them from a place where you have plenty of options to choose from & pick what’s right for you. You can view the various types of Acrylic colors at the Hobby Ideas’ website and explore everything you will need for acrylic painting.


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