An Open Letter to Husbands of Working Woman

Disclaimer: This is NOT a work of fiction. Characters and incidents are NOT mere author’s imagination but very much existent in every household. Any resemblance to actual events, locales or people is entirely INTENTIONAL.

Dear Husbands,

This letter is derived out of my own personal experiences and speaks for most of the woman who step out to work and come back home – to work even further.

I always wonder, in our ‘He is working – I am working scenario’, why there is this disparity of workloads when it comes to household chores?

Let me run you through our regular evening schedules as an example.

(SHE coming back from office)

When I come back from office, I keep my bag at the RIGHT place, put my best and cheerful face to the kid and asks her about the day, looks after what the grumpy maid has done and quickly begin helping her to finish off the work quickly, give evening snack to the kid and makes her ready to go down for play, clear up whatever mess is all around the house… and then finally ‘I MAKE’ a cup of tea for myself.

(HE coming back from the office)

When he comes from the office, says a tired greeting, dumps his bag and office stuff on the table, slumps on sofa, asks for a refreshing drink and lots of snacks, reads newspaper, switches on the television…. and gets the tea ‘READY MADE’.

(Although honestly somewhere from inside, I actually do not feel bad that much. One, because I love my family too much to crib about working extra for them, and two, it gives me a high as I prove my multitasking skills and efficiency to manage things better than HIM.)

But still ‘being human’ I have expectations and my expectations from him are simple and very basic, like

         – neatly folding the newspaper and keeping it BACK at the RIGHT place after reading it,

         – getting up to open the door when the bell rings rather than looking at me do to the needful

          – refilling his plate on his own when the stuff in the plate finishes, instead of waiting for me to take notice and do it for him

These things might sound trivial to follow or even to complain about but are big enough to give me a boost that my husband is appreciative of my working hard and is ready to extend that helping hand, in whatever small way he can.

Hope HE got the cue!

With love

 From all the over-worked working wives

article authored by Sania Siddiqui

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