….I am not a lazy mom!

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My daughter is 9 years old.

Very much a regular kid of her age – naughty, playful, sometimes ziddi and totally adorable with her ‘puss in the boots’ innocent eyes.

I have huge plans for her future. She dreams BIG too!

  • She loves to skate but I am not pushing her to reach the next level in two months time.
  • She likes to dance but I have not put her in the evening dance class (which will make her miss the play time with kids in the garden).
  • She is good in swimming but grueling lessons of 2-3 hours daily to polish the skill can wait.
  • She is superb in math but no run-of-the-mill Abacus classes for her.

…and believe me I am not doing all this because I am a lazy mother!

I am raising her in an environment where she should grow and bloom as a good human being without succumbing to the unwarranted pressures and unnecessary competitiveness.

All round development in the name of enrollment in umpteen classes, burden of performance and no time to play with friends is not my strategy to rush towards fulfilling her dreams.

I have big dreams for my child but there is an unusual route that I am taking to attain it.

But my modus operandi to make her touch the sky is little different.

My endeavor is to first inculcate and pave strong values & good habits in her.

  • Every time she keeps her things organized, I feel proud.
  • Every time she wishes elders & guests, I pat my back.
  • Every time she talks politely with the house help or the Gardner, I thank God.
  • Every time she shares her chocolate with the poor kid on the red light signal, I have a thankful sigh.

I am in no hurry to put her in the grind of becoming an engineer, doctor, tennis player or a successful architect.

First she has to be a good and humble human being with no complexities in the mind about religion, cast and faith, learn to respect everybody irrespective of their social status and need to have modest conduct and mannerism.

Once this is in place, I am sure she will be immensely successful in her professional life as well.

It is good to pay close attention to your child’s interests and nurture his talent early in life.

But first groom your kid to be a sorted person in life.

Success will follow suit.

As Amir Khan says it well in 3 Idiots –

kaamyabi toh jhhak maar ke peeche aaeygi (sic).

P.S. Learning something new in life is a great value addition for one’s personality. Always welcome. Just that it should not let the basics of LIFE take a back seat!

12 thoughts on “….I am not a lazy mom!

  1. Spot on with this write-up, I need to say i believe this superb website needs much a lot more consideration. I’ll probably be once once more to learn a terrific deal much more, many thanks that details.

  2. Wow… I am not the only one sailing in this boat! This article helps…because sometimes I start doubting myself but this article puts in strength in my belief . Thanks!!

  3. I thought that whether I am not wrong the way I am going with my kids? I also feel playing with kids outside is more important in all whether conditions fighting for right thing, even playing with tactics are very basic lessons learnt.

    I m now happy I am not wrong.

  4. Very true Sania! I can vouch for that!! I have seen her and she is a sweet and very well behaved kid!

  5. Superb parenting tips to raise a child…..a must do for every mom….becoz in current scenario I feel that childhood is loosing its essence….with so much load on kids be it academic or extra curricular…..kids get less time to play which does effect dere mental n physical plus social development…..?

  6. Wonderful Article Sania, every mother should read this and rightly said by Trisha that this is an eye opener for other parents who cares and worried about their kids future.
    Keep writing such a wonderful massages
    All the best!

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