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BabyChakra & Johnson & Johnson Event in Pune

When I got an invite from BabyChakra to attend an event organised by them in association with Johnson & Johnson, I was not sure if I should attend, because

A) my daughter is 10 yr old now and we don’t use J&J products anymore

B) it would be a room full of new moms with their ‘teething troubles (pun totally intended!)

But then I thought, what if my own child has grown out of using J&J products, being a mommy blogger, I must attend it. It would be a great opportunity to be with moms, mommy bloggers and brands which are synonymous with childcare and parenting! And moreover the invite said, we could bring along our munchkins too!

So their we were at Novotel Pune, sharp at 10 in the morning, dressed alike and all excited to spend the day with lots of fun, friends and food!

At BabyChakra and Johnson’s event in Pune

(And BTW, I love ‘twinning’ with my daughter all the time. Its a great idea one can do with their kids. Trust me, it is so much fun. See this!)


At the event venue, it was a full house and what a wonderfully done place! Ambience was so welcoming, vibrant and child friendly that inspite of atleast 20 to 30 kids inside the hall (from 3 months to 10 yrs), there were hardly any squeals and howls heard. Kids were busy at the most adorable play area created specially for them.

BabyChakra & Johnson & Johnson Bloggers Meet, Pune

About the event….

Babychakra is an online platform that connects parents to services and products and aims at making parenting not a tedious but enjoyable affair. It provides support and guidance to moms and parents by connecting them with world class brands and industry experts to sort things out, just with a click!

Johnson & Johnson joined hands with BabyChakra to reach out to moms and mommy bloggers across the country through these ‘Meet & Great’ events.

Agenda: To have one-on-one dialogue with mothers at an open and unbiased platform. This should help in resolving doubts and concerns regarding the brand and its products. (Its no breaking news that Johnson & Johnson had been under scanner for a while and was in the legal soup for some of its ingredients being carcinogenic).

BabyChakra & Johnson & Johnson Meet, Novotel, Pune
BabyChakra & Johnson & Johnson Meet, Novotel, Pune




Event began with customary introductions. Deepali Agarwal,  Marketing Manager, Johnson’s Baby at Johnson & Johnson is an impressive speaker and a pleasing personality. She was extremely good at engagement, interaction and ‘all things FUN!’

She started with a quiz session where a lot of myths got busted about J & J products, childcare and parenting. Then she segregating everyone in teams; 5 to 6 moms in one group. Three interesting games were planned for us.

1) To squeeze out as much water as possible out of baby wipes.; one being Johnson’s baby wipe and the other from another brand. We noticed that Johnson’s baby wipes had almost double the water content as compared to the other brand.

2) To test the pH levels of solutions using litmus stripes. The litmus paper did not change green when dipped in Johnson’s baby wash, while when it was dipped in hard water sample, it did change the colour.

3) To soil a piece of cloth with water colours, soy sauce,  ketchup and chocolate sauce and then wash them using the new Johnson’s baby detergent.

See this short clip of me doing one of the tasks with my team –


After enthusiastic participation in the contests (and not winning any!), it was time for the much awaited Q & A session.

It was almost like as if ‘The nation wanted to know’  all about the infamous law suit, quality of J&J products being sub-standard in Asian countries as compared to European/Western countries, why the look, feel and smell of products varies in different countries, do Johnson’s baby products cause rashes on skin, when can one stop using J&J products; is there an age limit to it….and many more.

Sania Siddiqui, Baby Chakra Event at Pune
Q&A Session at BabyChakra & Johnson & Johnson Bloggers Meet, Pune

Deepali Agarwal was patient to listen to it all. She addressed each and every query backed with scientific reasoning, documented data, quoting facts & figures and MOST IMPORTANTLY did not try to brush off certain allegations as baseless piece of news. She did agree to things which were true, like Johnson losing one of the law suit in a lower court to a lady who claimed that the talc caused her ovarian cancer but she also informed us that after that Johnson & Johnson won that and three similar cases in higher courts based on similar charges.

Once the heavy discussion got over, it was time for going ‘Live’ on Facebook; a social mandate these days. Moms spoke their heart and mind out on this Live video session.

By the time it all got wrapped up, everyone was dying to dig into the scrumptious lunch spread. Over the food, bloggers networked, moms talked some more about how naughty their kid is and what are the best ways to ease colic, brand representatives made sure all the happenings were updated ‘real time’ on social media handles and everyone made some new friends.

We also got some amazing goodies, vouchers and hampers from Johnson’s India and BabyChakra.

sania siddiqui baby chakra event
Goodies and gifts by Johnson & Johnson and BabyChakra

(The hamper I am holding here is not won by me but my dear friend Brinda Rana. But photo op ke liye sab chalta hai…)




It was a well organised, informative, fun and all together a wonderful event

which cleared many doubts and apprehension mothers had.

We came back informed – what is #BestforBaby!

Thank you BabyChakra and Johnson & Johnson for inviting me!


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