Breast Milk is the Best Milk

Breast milk is a magical potion, tailor-made for little ones. It’s always at the right temperature, readily available on demand, can be had on-the-go, container needs no special preparation and is full of goodness!

Millennial Mothers Breastfeeding Challenges by Dr. Asavari Dongre, a renowned Gynecologist from Mumbai.

webinar on breast feeding by cloudnine hospital

I was also invited to participate and ask questions sent by readers of my blog – all things GUD!

Here is a brief of what we learnt in the session.

Breastfeeding is COOL today!

Thanks to the current ‘social’ exposure and improved application of woman’s rights in the society, millennial mothers have an edge over woman of earlier era. This is due to several reasons,

  • Millennial mothers are older, more experienced and confident, well informed and savvier than ever before.
  • Earlier, women were shamed and looked down for breastfeeding outside the confines of walls. Today, such is not the case. Breastfeeding in public places has become synonymous to empowerment. A change for good!
  • Today’s woman is well equipped with information and education about the goodness of breastmilk for the child and herself.

Breastfed babies have healthier weights and higher IQ as they grow!

Brownie points to mothers for breastfeeding, as they

  • have a reduced risk of Type 2 Diabetes and breast cancer
  • return to the usual weight they had before pregnancy much sooner
  • strengthen the bond with their children

Breast Pump – A friend who helps you ‘Express’

A breast pump helps a nursing mother to pump and store breast milk. This allows the baby to enjoy the benefits of breastfeeding even when the mother is not around.

Benefits of a Breast Pump –

  • It is a boon for working mothers as it ensures that their babies get the due share of breastfeeding despite the unavailability of mother. Even stay at home mothers can use a pump to store milk and use it when needed.
  • A breast pump also comes in handy if the baby can’t latch well (where the child is unable to suckle or hold on to the nipples of its mother) but the mother is lactating enough to produce good quality of milk.
  • Pumping out sufficient amount of milk can also help feed premature babies round-the-clock who might need more attention and adequate supply of breast milk.
  • Continuous pumping can also save a new mother from the clutches of engorgement and the heaviness of breasts.
  • Breast pump helps in providing enough milk for children of a multiple birth. Breastfeeding one child can be very demanding on a mother and feeding twins or other multiples only increases the demand and challenge for a mother. By pumping milk, a mother of multiples can provide her children with breast-milk without having to nurse around the clock.
  • It allows mothers to relax. Breastfeeding on demand can easily wear any mother out sometimes. Having expressed milk available allows mom to take some much-needed time for herself while someone else takes care of baby.

Thanks to advanced technology, now Breast Pumps even have suction control 

Each woman is unique and will have a unique requirement. Thus ‘one size fits all’ may not work well. Some moms have very sensitive nipple and therefore would need the lowest suction pressure whereas as some would need a higher suction pressure for expression of milk. Improper suction pressure can lead to discomfort/pain.

Little’s Comfort Manual Breast Pump with SFR Technology gives more comfort in pumping breast milk. SFR technology solves mothers’ problems due to single suction level. Each mother can adjust pump’s suction level according to her own body’s response and allow finding her own best suction strength. So that it helps mothers to express more milk.

There are 5 levels of suction pressures which can be adjusted as per mother’s individual need. It has two modes of expressing milk – stimulation and expression. This helps mothers to express more milk naturally. The pump has silicone massaging pads which ensure gentle and delicate expression of milk. All breast pump parts are BPA free which make it safe for the baby.

Watch this amazing video here to understand better about Little’s Comfort Manual Breast Pump

Breastfeeding is a gift you can give to your child which will last a lifetime. It is advisable, should be encouraged and brings along a host of benefits.


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