How to Have a Smooth Ride in Bangalore?

Bengaluru Tourist Guide and Adviser

The capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore now called Bengaluru was, is and remains a paradise city. It was initially known as Pensioner’s Paradise because of its sublime weather and peaceful surroundings. It has now grown to earn several other signature names- Silicon Valley of India, Garden City or the Pub Capital of India.

It has now matured like wine and blended the past and the present well. With a great mix of history, architecture, culture, spirituality and nature it nestles some of the most iconic attractions as major other cities in India.

The evolution from the Garden City to the IT city has given the impetus to its reputation as a tourist attraction. Reflecting the old world charm and new age modernity, it sure attracts tourists like a moth to a flower. People from all over the country are now calling it their home due to its pleasant weather and the general homely feeling it gives its inhabitants and visitors.

Attractions to the Eye

  • Lined with long stretches of trees and parks, Cubbon Park and Lalbagh botanical gardens are just some of the famous tourist attractions showcasing varied species of plants and trees. These enchanting gardens are frequented by nature lovers seeking peace and tranquillity.
  • The Bangalore Palace and the Tipu Sultan palace are scenic monument structures set amidst lush green environs.
  • With Bannerghata wildlife sanctuary serving as a habitat to a huge wide life reserve, temples like the Bull Temple reinforcing the spiritual connect and a host of bars and breweries for the urban youth Bangalore strikes the right chord with every kind of traveller.

Steering the Wheel all by Oneself

As a tourist one would want to make the most of their journey. With a bustling population, Bangalore as a city does pose a challenge to travel from one pitstop to the other. Hailing an auto rickshaw, jumping into a taxi or hire a private cab who operates next door are the options which are often used. But with technology penetrating into our lives, the concept of travel has been given several new dimensions.

Self drive cars are a new and popular concept in Bangalore which gives visitors the convenience of freedom, privacy, cost efficiency and safety. Zoomcar operates Car Rental in Bangalore, an exclusive service for those who wish to hire a self-drive car and cruise through the city at their pace.

Do try these travel options when you are in Bengaluru.

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