Cooling Gel Patches for High Fever

Motherhood is a roller-coaster ride, an unremitting trip of merriment, full of ups and downs. Our children fill our lives with joy and bliss but the journey brings along few bumps as well.

Having a sick kid is one such instance, and I would say, also the worst.

As parents, we do everything to keep our kids from falling ill. But, sooner or later, no matter how cautious we are or how hard we try, kids do become unwell at times, mostly with changing weather or by catching infections due to their low immunity.

I remember, when I was young and used to have high fever, my mother’s tried and tested remedy was to dip soft cotton cloth strips (mostly my dad’s handkerchiefs) in ice-cold water and place them on my forehead after lightly squeezing the cloth.

And I hated this procedure!

The dripping cold water trickling down my face and neck used to make me so uncomfortable and irritated. I wanted her to get over with that exercise ASAP. 

Thankfully, today science and technology has come so far and for good!

No more wet, cold and dripping cloth on forehead. We have ‘Cooling Gel Patches’ to bring down the body temperature, quick and easy.

BuddsBuddy, the leading brand for first aid supplies offers one such product – Cooling Gel Patch.

buddsbuddy cooling gel patch

The Cooling Gel Patch for kids is widely prescribed by paediatricians. It is created by using FDA approved technology to bring down fever, sunstroke, headache and toothache.

The patch is heat absorbent. The heat of the skin causes the evaporation of water contained within the gel and as a result, lowers body temperature.

buddsbuddy cooling gel patch

The cooling lasts for a long time and is extremely soothing & effective. These patches are chemical free, non-toxic and absolutely safe for children.

The best part is that the patch is reusable. If it is used for less than 10 hours and closed properly, it can be used again. The cooling lasts for 10 hours for one time use.

How to use?

When the body temperature is high (above 101.4F) due to fever, it is advisable to apply cold fomentation. For this you can use BuddsBuddy’s Cooling Gel Patch.

  • Cut or tear open the pouch and remove cooling gel sheet
  • Remove transparent film from the cooling gel sheet
  • Apply cooling gel sheet on the forehead or any other affected area
  • Make sure the skin surface is dry or else the sheet will not stick

buddsbuddy cooling gel patch

Mind this –

  • Do not reuse the patch on someone else as this may spread infection
  • Discontinue if rashes, redness, itching or irritations is reported
  • It is not a medicine or substitute to medicines
  • Seek medical help if fever persists and does not come down

cooling gel patch



MRP – Rs. 325/-

It comes in a pack of 3 with FREE Forehead Strip Baby Thermometer

Buy it here







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