Home First Aid Kit – Your 911

Accidents in and around the home are never planned. They just happen. But being prepared to deal with them can be deliberated.

Why the need?

A first aid kit is much needed and advisable for every house hold to tackle minor injuries and accidents like small cuts, burns, sprains, scrapes, bee sting, etc. These can be easily taken care of without seeking professional medical care if you have the right products handy at home.

At the time of an injury, being prepared can help ease panic. A first aid kid also takes care of injuries becoming serious.

Where to keep it ideally?

Knowing what to have in a kit is just as important as having it readily available and accessible. Probability of injuries is always high in the kitchen area; therefore it makes sense to have the kit in that vicinity. On the other hand, since an accident can occur in almost any part of the home, having more than one kit in the house is also a smart idea. If you live in a multi-level house, try to have one kit on each floor to act quickly and save time.

What should a first aid kit contain?

Although you can put together a first aid kit on your own but I want to share with you this cute and comprehensive first aid kit I came across by Buddsbuddy.

GUD to Know –

Emergency phone numbers of doctors and dentist should be written and included with the kit.

Medicines and other supplies should be checked regularly for expiration dates and replacement.

What a home first aid kit should include?

As mentioned, my Buddsbuddy first aid kit is quite comprehensive and covers pretty much all the required things.

It contains 125 Items. It is a cute little box with a see through partition lid. It is available in three colors – red, blue and green. Made of highly durable and strong quality plastic, it is quite sturdy and good for long-term use. The inside has partition tray which helps segregate the equipment and medicine.

Have a look at this video –

It contains –

  • Cartoon Bandages 72x19mm, 30 pcs
  • Cartoon Bandages 38x38mm, 15 pcs
  • Gauze Pads 2×2 inch 4ply, 6 pcs
  • Gauze Pads 3×3 inch 4ply, 6 pcs
  • Gauze Bandage 4cmx5mtr, 5 pcs
  • Cotton Roll 50gms, 1pc
  • Non-Woven Tape 1.25cmx5yds, 1pc
  • Diclofenac Diethyl Amine Gel 10gms, 1pc
  • Povidone-lodine Ointment 10gms, 1pc
  • Medical Scissors, 1pc
  • Safety Pins, 12pcs
  • Medical Tweezers, 1pc
  • Alcohol Swab, 10pcs
  • Cooling Gel Patch, 1pc
  • Thermo-Meter Strip, 1pc
  • Cotton Ear Buds, 20pcs
  • Sanitizer 50ml, 1pc
  • Stickers, 10pcs
  • First aid Guide
  • Savlon

(Please note that the items listed here are not all-inclusive for a first aid kit and there may be other supplies suited to a particular need.)

You can buy this kit and other products by Buddsbuddy here

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