Camaraderie Never Fails You

As a mother, I have always been a believer in inculcating right values over mindless competitiveness.  Recently I came across this TVC by U.S. Polo Assn. Kids which echoed my stance perfectly!

In line with my parenting philosophy, the brand is spreading the message of instilling right values at the right time, which is childhood. The new TVC beautifully shows camaraderie, compassion, zeal and true team spirit between a young boy and his polo pony.   Before I go any further, watch the TVC here


Now, now! What a lovely and heart warming message it gives.

Choosing the best person to do a task is indeed important.

But choosing a great teammate is the key to success.

And I guess there is no better way than sports to infuse these virtues in a young child. Polo, originally started by royal families on the horseback is a perfect learning experience for the same. As a team sport, it teaches that the team supersedes the recognition of individual accomplishments. By working together and being a part of a group with a common goal, things can be accomplished that otherwise would be out of the reach of individuals.

The TVC beautifully puts across the message that youngsters should know how to deal with failure. Losing is not the end of game.  Failure is a temporary impediment from which lessons should be learned to improve and have a better likelihood of success the next time.

The brand, U.S. Polo Assn. Kids embarks on the true spirit of being a team player, hard work and the legendary game of Polo.  I have always liked this brand’s clothes not only because they are of superior quality and latest trends but also because of the brand’s philosophy.



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