Candy Cane Club – Play With Your Child Through An App

Looking for things to do with your Lil one?

Well, you have reached the right place!

Candy Cane Club is a curated and personalized service to suit every child’s level, interest and the Parent’s routine.


We are changing the way Young Parents spend time with their children, by helping them rediscover the fun they can have with their child.

Candy Cane Club’s service is available as a Parent’s App. It is among the best Apps for kids that’ll transform daily routine into learning games for kids through innovative game play.

Here is what is in store for the Parents, at their fingertips, through the App:

  • Innovative ways to play at home during the everyday routine.
  • Discovery Races, A perfect weekend activity for the Parent and Child, designed to create mental stimulation in the child.
  • Handpicked books and Toys to suit the child’s age, level and developmental needs.
  • Fun and learning Workshops for Kids by talented artists.
  • Innovative ways to explore the city.
  • And, a private Kids Album that is easy to access and beautifully organized, month wise, to build a timeline of the child’s growth over the years.

Download the App for FREE at Google Play.

‘Use code GUD during registration’


It is India’s most innovative subscription for young parents

Candy Cane Club organizes one the most unique Kids Educational Games called the Discovery Races for kids in the age group of 2 to 6 years. For Parents who are constantly looking for things to do with their children and enjoy spending time with the child, the Discovery Race is for you. The Race is based on a different theme every month and every race is different from the other leaving the Kids excited each time! It is designed as a weekend activity for the parent child duo as a team, leading the child to think, explore and discover.

Registrations for the discovery race can be done on the website. The Discovery Races are completely free for Candy Cane Club’s Annual Members. Non Members can also participate in these races for a very nominal price.

Coming up in this month is the Under Sea Treasure Hunt, a discovery race for Parent Child teams from across the country that’ll lead the children to unlock the treasures of the oceans from their homes.

Image 4

Come join us as we embark upon a riot of fun and adventure. And you don’t have to cross the seven seas for it! It’s right here at your fingertips in the comfort of your home.

Image 3

So what do you do? You find hidden clues and complete tasks to WIN! The fastest and most accurate wins the stash.

What do you need? Nothing much!

  1. Just your sense of fun and adventure.
  2. The Treasure Map
  3. A snack! You don’t want to sign out for lunch and let someone else win do ya?!
  4. The Candy Cane Club App on your phone.

So what’s left? Nothing but to weigh the anchor and hoist the mizzen. See you aboard!

Book your treasure Map!


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