Children’s Day – Make it Memorable for Your Child

Do you remember what special you did for your child last year on 14th November, Children’s Day?

Oh, maybe because you think it is only school’s responsibility to celebrate that day for your child. Right?


I always wonder why Children’s Day is not given the value it deserves? We go berserk  celebrating all the Valentine’s, Mother’s, Friendship and innumerable other days with zest and enthusiasm but Children’s Day is usually given a step-motherly treatment and shown a cold shoulder by no one else but parents themselves.

The irony is that even Halloween has become a national festival of sorts today, while Children’s Day, a momentous date marked as a tribute to our first Prime Minister, Mr. Jawahar Lal Nehru garners not much attention and traction.

Well, my intent is not to sound preachy but of’course to tell you how I make this day special for my little one?

So every year I try out different things.

Last year on 14th November, we had a deal that for the whole day I will not scold or discipline her for any of the misdeeds. No rebuking over studies, unkempt room, lazing around, watching television beyond permitted time limit or not finishing the veggies in meals.  It was so much fun for her. Whenever I got tempted to raise my voice, she smiled at me and said, “Mamma, don’t forget its ‘My Day’!”

And this one time, I printed out a special message and pasted it on her cupboard. She was pleasantly surprised and indeed much happy!

Once I took her to a kid’s store and gave her Rs. 500. She went around, picked things of her choice within that budget and filled her cart. Then she even went to get it billed on her own. She simply loved the experience.

Or I just buy a box of Cadbury Celebrations (her favourite), and on 13th night place it on her bedside with a sweet little handwritten note.  The expression of unexpected gifts is always priceless.

No matter what you do, but do it!

Just like their birthdays children deserve to be pampered and celebrated on Children’s Day. You and they can rejoice all other days’ rest of your lives, but Children’s Day has a limited period; only till your child is small.

So make the most of their childhood and convert ‘moments into memories’ to be cherished forever!

Watch this endearing clip here and do something fun for your child this Children’s Day!

So…how about this!!



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