Christmas Decor Lighting Ideas

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Origami Lanterns

And it the Christmas month already!

I really dig this festival; it brings back loads of fond memories of Christmas celebrations at school and of yummy cake. We were trained to sing carols, decorate the classrooms and chapel and there was so much of joy all around, not to mention the Christmas holidays after the mid-term exams.

One of the most celebrated festivals all over the world Christmas happens to be of absolute significance for the kids and the elders alike. Regardless of which God one prays to, most of the kids wait for the Santa to deliver the goods.

With the countdown to Christmas underway, we decided to get a wee bit crafty to decorate the space around us and make it look pretty. We wouldn’t have a white Christmas in Mumbai ever but that doesn’t dims our spirit.

Art and Craft ideas for Christmas decorations galore but wanted to do something out of the box this time around.

So the first one of the lot are super cool decorative lights!

Aren’t they pretty?

Decorate the living room or the Christmas tree and this origami project is sure to catch the imagination of many and it is mighty simple too!

What you need?

  • Card papers
  •  Fevicol
  •  3D glitter silver
  • Scissors
  • Paper cutter
  • Rice lights

How to make it?

Take various colours of card papers and draw the templet on them.

Christmas Decoration ideas

Cut the templet around the bold outlines. You can get different types of templets of the houses on the internet with the query, how to make origami houses.

Christmas Decoration ideas

Cut the windows with a paper cutter. Then fold the templet on the dotted lines.

Christmas decoration ideas

If you want you can secure the ends with Fevicol. Now decorate the houses with 3D Silver Glitter.

Christmas decoration ideas

Insert rice light in the each opening in the roof of these Origami houses.

Christmas decoration ideas

Voila, we have some really innovative lights to decorate the house on this festive season.

This is a simple origami for kids’ idea which can be executed with ease by the children with a bit of supervision during the cutting bit.

Hope you like it and looking forward to your comments and suggestions.



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