Stunning Clay Modelling

Probably clay is the first crafting material that we all came across as a kid, it maybe in form of wet mud or wheat dough stolen from the kitchen or colorful molding dough in play school.

There is an innate pleasure that one gets in creating out of something very basic; clay modelling is indeed therapeutic for kids and adults alike. The nature of clay is so tactile that one can let the imagination run wild and create some beautiful stuff with clay modelling, like this paper weight.
Isn’t it pretty and yet so simple to make! Kids would love to make this and using the same idea may covert stones into beautiful clay toys or décor articles.

We need the following for making this paper weight:
1. Shilpkar – 2 packets
2. Pebble
3. Pearl Metallic Green
4. OHP sheet
5. Fabric Glue
6. Fevicryl colours – Crimson, Orange, Chrome Yellow, White, Dark Green
7. Water container
8. Paint brushes
So we start with coloring the stone with Pearl Metallic Green. Leave it to dry. Then we take the resin and hardener in equal quantities and mix them together to form even dough.

Take a ball of the dough and pinch and roll it into the shapes as shown in the picture and let them dry for 10 to 15 min. (Shilpkar when very soft does not retain its shape perfectly, you may have to mould and remould it till it is hard enough to retain its shape)

clay modelling


Add a petal around the pollen stick and mould it as shown in the picture.

Add the second petal as shown in picture. Make 10 such flowers.

Now take some dough and pinch the leaves in the desired shape. Make 3 such leaves for this project.

Stick all the flowers, leaves and buds on the pebble before they are completely dry so as to arrange them comfortably on the surface of the pebble. Use Fabric Glue for proper fixing of all the flowers and the buds.

Then the flowers are painted with Crimson, Orange, Chrome Yellow and White. Create appropriate shades by mixing the above mentioned colours for shading the flowers. The inside of the flower is darker, becoming lighter towards the edges.

The leaves are painted with dark green color.


This is how the flowers and the leaves will look like.


And here we are!CLAY MODELLING DIY

You can also create your own arrangement of flowers and can also select any other surface for the decoration.
Clay art can be as versatile as you like! A project might take a few minutes to make and can then can take a few days too depending on the complexity and finish. The fundamental rule is to enjoy what one is doing.
I had a gala time making this with my kiddo and hope you will have fun too.

Till the next one.



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