Fight the Fear of Mathematics with Cuemath

In my school days, I was bad in math. After 10th grade, I happily chose biology, chemistry & physics, and dropped mathematics, thinking my life would be easy now.

I said goodbye to math saying this…….



But little did I know math is not a mere subject at school level. It is a way of living. We use mathematics everyday, even without knowing it. From weighing & mixing ingredients for a chocolate cake to making payments, calculating discounted percentage while shopping at a Sale to finding out exact square feet area for wall paper installation, math is all over the place in our homes, offices and lives!

Soon upon entering the 11th grade, I realised even the science stream subjects – physics and chemistry I selected were full of mathematical numerical.

Essentially, there is no escape from math in life. So, why not learn it good from the early days itself, and instead of getting afraid, enjoy it!

Today, my 10 year old daughter is exceptionally good in math and I am so proud about it.

I wish we had better learning programs during my school time like today they have Cuemath!

Cuemath is a home-based after-school, multi-format math learning program for kids of KG to 8th Grade. Founded in 2013 by Manan Khurma, through a unique curriculum and dedicated teachers across India, Cuemath is imparting conceptual understanding and analytical thinking of the subject with an aim to teach math as a life skill through personal teaching and best technique.

Cuemath ensures a holistic learning experience through workbooks, math boxes, puzzle cards and a tablet. Cuemath’s self-paced program is setting a unique precedence for math teaching and learning as it challenges its traditional means of rote learning formulas, restricting curriculum to a fixed syllabus and focusing purely on scoring.

 Spread across 80 cities in 2500 centres, Cuemath is currently benefitting 20,000 children in the country.

(Locate a centre for your child here)

 This year, our Independence Day 15.08.17 is a special date that comes only once in 100 years. It is a Pythagorean Triplet 15(2) + 8(2) = 17(2)

In the spirit of Independence Day, Cuemath found a reason to also celebrate –

‘Freedom from the Fear of Math’

They hosted the biggest Mathematics carnival in Bangalore.

Cuemath Fest, Bangalore

The one-day fest held on 19th August, 2017 at Elaan Convention Center, JP Nagar, Bangalore, indulged participating kids and their parents to learn mathematics in an unconventional, fun way.

cuemath CEO - Manan Khurma
CEO Cuemath – Manan Khurma at Cuemath Fest

The event was attended by over 3000 children and all together more than 5000 people visited the venue that day.

Greek mathematician Pythagoras was also spotted amidst the crowd. 61UrmxDLEVL._SY355_


So how does August 15th, 2017 really become a Pythagorean triplet?

Any three numbers that satisfy this theorem are called Pythagorean triplet.

Pythagorean triplet is sum of the square of first two sides equivalent to the square of the third side.

Let us take the date: 15/8/17. When these numbers are placed in the Pythagorean Theorem, the following takes place:

a2 + b2 = c2

152 + 82 = 289

172 = 289

Hence 152 + 82 = 172

To build the enthusiasm and excitement, Cuemath curated some brain cracking math learning tools and puzzles for children between KG and 8th grade that challenged their creativity, imagination, thinking skills and social skills.

Some of the key activities at the fest included, Fraction Hopscotch, Arithmetic Spinner, Go Bananas, Play with Geometry, Code Decode and Math Jigsaw.

The biggest highlight of the event was a 17 feet long Pythagorean cake!

Cuemath Fest 17 feet long cake
17 feet long cake at Cuemath Fest

Watch the cutting of this humongous cake video  here

Three cheers for Cuemath to help children fight and wipe the fear of math, early in their formative years.


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