Diwali Decoration Ideas

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10 Ways to Wow Guests with Your Diwali Light Décor

Instead of just putting up a string of lights and having diyas around the house, why don’t you try something different this Diwali? Here are 10 unique ideas that will have guests gasp in wonder at your creativity.

I pride myself on being a do-it-yourself decorator, and Diwali is one chance for me to really pull out all stops. Do you want to know the Diwali lights decorations ideas that I have in mind this year? Read on and get inspired.

#1 Recycled lanterns

If you are a hoarder like me, you most certainly have empty glass bottles and jam jars lying around. Just give them strokes of gold and silver paint, pop in some fairy lights and your Morrocan theme is ready.

#2 Balloon twine lights

Looks gorgeous but takes a little time.

-Blow up some balloons.

-Cover with glue and wrap twine around it.

-Allow it to dry for 24 hours and then pop the balloon.

-Spray paint the twine in a bright colour.

-And your lamp holders are ready.

#3 Diya platter

A simple diya platter for everyone. Use a tray or a wooden cutting board or a large metal dish. Place diyas in a pattern and use it to decorate various corners of the room. Simple and stylish.

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diwali decor

#4 Paper cups chain

Hunt out old, unused paper cups to make this.

-Splash them up with bright colours.

-Cut out floral shapes and stick them together.

-Make a small hole in the centre and run a string of lights through them to make a chain.

#5 Egg carton lamps

If you don’t have paper cups, you can use old egg cartons and create another beautiful diya decoration for Diwali at home.

#6 Coaster lights

A small DIY project, this is great fun and brings out your creativity.

-On a piece of cardboard, create patterns using small pieces of artificial mirrors.

-Place the diya or candle in the centre and brighten up your room.

diwali diy decor

#7 CD lamps

Old CDs and DVDs come handy here.

-Use paint to create beautiful designs.

-Place a diya or candle in the centre

-The light will be extra bright when it reflects off the disc surface.

#8 Anything-goes candle holders

Broken teacups, interestingly-shaped bottles and other discarded but hoarded household stuff can be decorated and used as candle holders.

diwali decoration

#9 Cinnamon stick candles

Make your Diwali look and smell special.

-Tie a whole lot of cinnamon sticks around a small glass bottle or jar.

-Place a floating candle inside.

-And let the fragrance of cinnamon fill your home.

#10 Plastic bottle lamps

Don’t throw those plastic bottles just yet.

-Cut out interesting shapes in the bottom of the bottle.

-Jazz it up with glitter paint.

-And your candle stand is ready.


How to make candles at home?

While on the topic of candles for Diwali, how about making some? Diwali candle making at home is really simple.

You need –

  • Wax – paraffin, soy or beeswax.
  • Wicks – use a large sized one. You can always trim it later.
  • Aromatic oils – pick a strong masculine smell like a mix of clove and sandalwood, coffee or whiskey.
  • Double boiler – don’t need to invest in one. Two pans, one much larger than the other work just fine.
  • Candle container(s) – coffee mugs, small bottles, mason jars, etc. Do not use plastic (obviously!) or metal. Look for something with a lid if you plan on gifting them.
  • Accessories – like thermometer, spatula, old pen(s), pencils, etc.

To make – 

  1. Clear the work area. Candle making is messy, and the lesser things you have to clean, the better it is.
  2. Melt the wax using the double boiler method.
  3. Dip one end of the wick in the melting wax and affix it to the bottom of the container.
  4. After the wax has completely melted, add a few drops of the oils and stir.
  5. When the wax is at 130-140 degrees, pour it in the container. Hold the wick gently when you do so because the hot wax is going to loosen the adhesion. Leave a little wax in the vessel. You will need it later.
  6. Make sure the wick stays in the centre. Support it with the old pen and do not touch for a few hours.
  7. After the candle has cooled, warm the remaining wax and pour it into the sinkhole that has formed.
  8. Trim the wick and your Diwali candles are ready.

Which of these Diwali light decoration home ideas will you try this year? Tell us how your guests reacted in the comments below.

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