DIY Paper Handbags

Have you ever wished that you could trade boring plastic bags for something more organic and pretty?

This leaves many of us in a dilemma, particularly when we are gifting someone.

Nobody would want to be caught walking around with a worn-out bag that looks like it was used for days and years…..

If you are the kind of person who always wants to be seen carrying quirky & stylish bags, you are reading this for GUD!

Instead of buying expensive ones from the market, MAKE ONE.

You can try out a variety of techniques to add a quirky touch to your gifts and have them going from drab to fab by learning how to make paper bags for gifts with a few simple tips.

What you need…

Things required to make this are a plain brown paper bag, quilling tool, metallic silver or gold paper, glue, scissors, beads, punching tool and some glitter glue.

How to make…

Paper craft bags are like any craft item that may be experimented with. From using textured paper to different accessories; the designs you could create are endless. Try this step by step method to create a perfect paper gift bag.

  1. Taking the metallic craft paper, draw a circle measuring about five inches on it. Use a pair of scissors to cut the circle in a spiral manner.


  1. Cut another circle that measures about four inches in diameter. Then, keep making folds to the circle till you get a thick narrow cone. Take a pair of scissors and cut off the outer edges of the cone so as to make the ends resemble the tip of a petal. Once you unfold the circle, the final shape will be a flower.


  1. The spiral circle in the first step can be rolled into a rose using a quilling tool. You may make several roses and flowers using the same method in varying sizes.


  1. For a 3D appearance, you can stick multiple flowers over each other, and each of them can be embellished with a single rose in the center.


  1. Additionally, you can cut out leaves with jagged edges and have them fan-folded to achieve a textured appearance.


  1. You can now arrange the flowers strategically on your paper craft bag.


  1. Next, begins the fun part! You could customize your bag by adding a hint of glitter glue to your flowers and leaves.


  1. After you’ve finished making the flowers, it is time to create paper bag handle. For this, you could punch holes and even string beads together for a unique touch.


Now that you know how to make paper bags, you could use this as an inspiration for many other designs. The next time you are invited to a kid’s birthday party, make a cute animal-inspired paper bag instead of simply carrying the gift in a dull plastic bag.

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