DIY T-Shirt Painting with Fevicryl Fabric Colours

t shirt fabric painting DIY

Revamping and makeovers are always fun.

One Sunday afternoon, while my daughter was cleaning up her wardrobe (oh yes, she HAS TO do it once every two weeks!), she discarded a bunch of her clothes saying – few are worn out,  some do not fit anymore and rest are plain boring.

I agreed to size issues or wearing off, but boring?? small-emoji-wmrdxaxi

I looked at her so-called ‘boring’ lot and realized that those clothes were in perfect condition. Just that most of them were plain T-shirts, leggings, pants etc. which my little one did not find exciting enough to wear anymore.

And so, I decided to revamp the plain garments by adding some colour to them.

After already trying my hand in fabric painting and participating in the #FevicrylKalaStar Contest, I was feeling confident about pulling it off. My fabric painted sling bag turned out to look great indeed! Want to have a look at it? Watch it here.

Moving onto the T-shirt, I was looking for some paint brushes to get started but couldn’t find them. To which my daughter said, “Mamma, I have the paints, but I forgot all the brushes in school after the drawing period got over on Friday.”

Uh-oh! I was not ready to wait for her to bring the brushes back from school on Monday. That’s when I remembered a DIY video I saw some time back, in which they used handmade stamps to do block printing – no brushes were required!

So, there I was. All set with the material to begin my fabric painting project.

I gathered,

  • Fevicryl Fabric Colours from a store near me
  • One medium sized potato to make the block
  • One of the old (boring!!) T-shirt

T shirt Painting by Fevicryl Fabric Colour


T shirt Painting by Fevicryl Fabric Colour

How I did it – 

  • Firstly, I made a block for colouring by carving out a simple triangle in the potato.

fevicryl fabric painting


  • Then I dipped the triangular block in white and orange Fabric Colours and created a simple pattern by stamping technique.
  • Voila! Within minutes the plain T-shirt turned bright and colourful.

T shirt Painting by Fevicryl Fabric Colour

It was so simple and easy-peasy. Just a few stamps using the vibrant and free-flowing fabric colours and my daughter’s T-shirt looked completely new!

I loved the result and am planning to transform the rest of my daughter’s ‘boring’ clothes with these Fevicryl Fabric colours.

And yes, do vote for my entry for the #FevicrylKalaStars Contest and share it with your friends!

I am going to submit this as my second entry for the contest.

There will be 100 winners who can win exciting prizes worth Rs. 1,50,000!

The contest is on till October 5 so you too can participate. All you need to do is:

  • Use the newly launched Fevicryl Fabric Colours only to paint on a fabric of your choice.
  • It could be clothes, bedsheets, curtains, pillow covers, bags etc.
  • Click a photo/video of your creation and submit it on the Hobby Ideas India website.
  • Want more information on the contest? Read the FAQs and rules of participation on the website.


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