Easy Afternoon Craft for Kids

My daughter is 8 years old. Keeping young kids engaged during weekend afternoons is a tough job. So we usually get into some easy DIY crafts.

This is what she (we) did this Saturday-Sunday.

Hand Puppet from a Toilet Paper Roll

Toilet paper roll craft


We used,

  • The inside round cardboard of a toilet tissue roll
  • Paint, brush, sketch pens
  • Bright colored paper
  • Glue & scissor

What we did,

  • Painted yellow-black strips on the cardboard roll
  • Cut 2 out lines from the colored paper – one round and another butterfly shaped
  • Glued together both cut outs on the cardboard roll
  • Made eyes and a smiley with a pen
  • Don’t forget to add cute little antennas!

Cute Card with a Pocket

We used

  • Colourful paper of 2-3 colors
  • Zig-zag scissor
  • Glue

What we did,

  • Cut small (4 x3 inches) cards and folded them horizontally
  • Cut one more smaller piece of paper and glued it to the card from three sides only, creating a pocket
  • Made few flowers and grass and inserted in the pocket
  • Go on decorating as elaborate as you want



Now, there is a happy & smiling face, feeling proud of her creation and an even happier mamma to spot that little twinkle of accomplishment in her daughter’s eye.

Win, win!

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2 thoughts on “Easy Afternoon Craft for Kids

  1. Oh these are beautiful! and so so neat… you guys did a good job… please pat your daughters back for me… these are very nice creations indeed…

    I am waiting for when my daughter is able to handle the paper cutters so I can get her started on crafts 🙂

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