Easy Flower Arrangment

 Make Your Flowers Stand Straight

Tired of making your tall flower stems stand straight in a wide mouthed vase?

Here is a simple and quick flower arrangement trick!

Step 1 – Flowers look sloppy and wilted when we place just a few sticks in an open-mouthed vase.


Scattered flower stems


Step 2 – You just need a cello tape and a pair of scissor to fix this!


2015-04-12 18.43.08
cello tape & scissor


Step 3 – Create checkered pattern using a cello tape on the mouth of vase. 

Vase with cello tape mesh


Step 4 – Start placing the flower sticks from the middle, keeping the tallest ones in the center


Place sticks stright


Step 5 – Viola! Your perfectly straight and upright flower decoration is ready.


There it is – nicely done arrangement


DIY Idea by Sania Siddiqui

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