Floating Rangoli – Easy Video Tutorial

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Diwali can be a great time not only to bond with friends and family but also to flaunt your creativity and innovative decor ideas.

Apart from the fireworks, sweets and gifts, something that most people prepare months before the festivities commence is the decoration.

Although, rangolis and lanterns are a mainstay during the festival, you don’t have to take the conventional route when it comes to incorporating these elements. By this, we mean that you can tweak the overall look of rangolis with some unique design ideas.

Floating Rangoli – Easy, fun and BEAUTIFUL!

Rangoli is customary during the season of Diwali, with porches and drawing rooms transforming into complex art pieces in bright hues. Conventional rangoli designs make use of different items like colored powder, flowers, vegetables, beads.

However, if you want to try some offbeat art and craft ideas, floating rangoli is the newest entrant to this list.

This video tutorial is a peek into this trending water rangoli style that promises an easy way to make Diwali décor fun for your entire family.

Create stunning and easy to do Diwali rangoli on water watching this video!

Using the video tutorial, you can try to create this beautiful floating rangoli with ease and confidence. .

What you need?

For this DIY project, you will need

  • OHP sheets
  • glass painting kit (glass colours)
  • 3D outliners
  • half-cut pearls
  • ornamental stones
  • cotton
  • foam sheets
  • scissors
  • fabric glue

Since this rangoli style eliminates the need for perishable items like flowers and messy powder colors, you will not have to face the hassle of adding finishing touches every now and then. Moreover, the materials used in floating rangoli like foam and OHP sheets are waterproof, therefore it lasts longer.

Make this activity the perfect way to introduce your kids to glass painting without the hazard of handling actual glass!

Here are couple of screenshots from the video.

I am sure once you make and display it, compliments are going to pour from all around.

Enjoy the appreciation and have fun.

Happy Diwali!!


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