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Is you child feeling bored with no fiends to play and nowhere to go out in this pandemic?

Yellow Class is offering free hobby sessions of different creative activities for kids to do at home. It is like a beautiful rainbow of programs.

Simply download the app and engage your kids in more than 45 programs on 16+ skills.

Super Effective Ways To Boost Your Kids’ Creativity At Home

The Covid-19 pandemic has bound the children to study online due to the lockdown restrictions. Consequently, it is curbing their inborn talents and their creative skills. The major reason for this is the inability to interact with their classmates and children of their age groups. It becomes the sole responsibility of parents to nurture their talents and skills during this challenging time. Apart from academic sessions, creative activities for kids at home will surely help them out.

Yellow Class provides myriad options to explore creativity.

With no playtime, kids’ creativity gets hampered. When it comes to teaching creativity to our kids, we think it sounds too complicated. However, it is easy with certain creative activities for kids and a little motivation to participate. Moreover, the following activities promote the physical, mental and cognitive development of a child.

Check out the list of activities that can prove to be helpful for your kids.


Calligraphy is the art of writing letters beautifully. When you engage your child in Calligraphy handwriting, it enhances their capacity to think. It requires utmost patience and practice to become a pro in calligraphy. For every age group, the calligraphic art session is different, allowing them to learn at their own pace.

 DIY Craft for Kids

Art and craft is the best way to engage kids in creative activities. Hence, you can choose from different options, like DIY hacks, visual art, painting, and drawing. You can choose from several visual art forms as per your kid’s interest. DIY activities allow them to try new things and transform their imaginative ideas into something astonishing. It is the perfect way to turn a boring schedule into a productive one.


Whether it is studying, playing, or doing their favourite activity, relaxing for a bit in the middle is of utmost importance. Apart from quality sleep, Yoga is an effective way to improve a child’s concentration. It keeps them physically fit and mentally calm. Fun-filled Yoga classes at Yellow Class allow the children to participate in physical activities while giving an energy boost.

Brain Booster Activities

Brain-booster games such as brainiac, general knowledge, quiz, and language learning trigger curiosity in a child. These mind-boosting games and quiz sessions help the kids become more confident about the knowledge of a particular subject, understand the areas that are their strengths and work on areas that require improvement. These games help the children to analyse any situation with logical reasoning and come up with apt solutions or conclusions.

Inculcate the Art of Storytelling and Writing

Storytelling is an effective way to teach life lessons and moral values to your kids. Teaching kids the art of storytelling ensures the development of interpersonal, social and communication skills. Moreover, it teaches them the power to influence and motivate the listeners. Apart from the moral values, portraying a story also enhances vocabulary and the art of creative sequencing.

It all entirely depends on the approach taken to teach kids. Different platforms and learning grounds help parents with efficacious guidelines to work on their kid’s creative skills.

With unique and creative programs at Yellow Class, we take you out of several dilemmas you face in the process of nurturing a kid. At this online hobby class, kids learn the fundamental human values and time management skills, declining the chances of creativity breakdown. Moreover, personalised learning sessions allow children to grasp better.

Parents, don’t let the lockdown limit your child’s creativity. It is not too late; enrol at Yellowclass and let your child indulge in fun and productive activities.

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