FRU2go – Goodness of Fruit, On the Go

I am a smart mom.

(I know modesty is a great virtue but I pat my own back when & where it is needed.)

And all smart moms are great observers, manipulator and smooth operators.

I have noticed that my daughter, like most other kids, is not a huge fan of fruits in their original form.

I give her an apple for school snack, it comes back as it is.

I try serving her a bowl of cut fruits, poor things keep lying there, royally ignored and unattended.

But when I give her a Tetrapak of fruit juice, she finishes it in a jiffy. And honestly, I don’t want to do this often as juices lack insoluble fibre, an important component of nutrition.

Then I came across a beech ka solution – an innovative fruit snack called FRU2go!

FRU2go is 100% fruit in a fun squeezy pack that can be consumed and carried anytime, anywhere. It does not have any added preservatives, sugar, artificial flavours or colour.

Trust me they are a blessing!

Without the hassle of cutting, peeling, rotting and damaging, FRU2go can be enjoyed as a healthy snack anywhere, anytime with its child friendly and accessible packaging.

It comes in five variants Mango, Mango Banana, Strawberry Banana, Apple Banana and Mix Fruit.

I noticed that except for Mango, all flavours comes in combination with Banana.

And I came to know, that since there is no added sugar in FRU2go, banana gives the product its required sweetness and texture. It is no breaking news that banana is a great source of energy , vitamins and minerals – a complete healthy snack in itself for whenever hunger strikes.

The product has a shelf life of 6 months and can be stored at room temperature or in a refrigerator. FRU2go is packaged in a 4-layer packaging film which protects and retains the goodness of fruits inside. It is also equipped with a tamper proof seal and an anti-choke cap so that the product remains hygienic and safe for use.

Once opened, it is advisable to be consumed within 3 hrs.

Priced at Rs. 25 per pack, it is available at most grocery shops near you.

Now that I have told you so much about the product, have a look at this video as well……

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