Gift for Girls – Pretty Personalised Presents


The word itself makes one’s belongings become special.

Like really special.

Especially for young girls!

My 11 year daughter was ecstatic when she received a hamper of things with her name printed on each product. I am sure every girl of her age would be in the similar state of jubilance.

Perfico is one such online space that specialises in making ‘all things personalised’ by etching your name on a range of merchandise to choose from.

Not only for girls but they have an array of products for men, women and young boys as well, appropriate for party return favours and birthday, wedding and anniversary gifts.

Have a look at the range of their products here

So, here is a peek on all that my daughter received from them.

Pocket Mirrors

This is the cutest of all. She got a square one but there are other shapes available in various designs and patterns. Her name and initial is printed on the centre of the cover.


This pretty apron with a quirky message,  Aleena – The Scauce Boss is of great quality and perfect size. I wish they also had a chef’s cap as accompaniment to this.

The other one I got for my niece Fatima has an equally whacky message – BAKE the World a Better Place and it left us in splits.



Loved it! It has several sections and is of perfect size.

Pencil Pouch

This I am sure is going to be a hit in her class once she takes it to her school. Who wouldn’t flaunt a pencil pouch which has their name printed on it?

Name Tags

They come in a set of two. My daughter immediately fastened it on her sling and school bag.


‘all things GUD’ About Perfico –

  • Huge variety, several categories and hundreds of options to choose form
  • Quick turnaround time. My things got delivered in 2 days flat.
  • Value for money. All things are reasonably priced.

I was little disappointment on the packaging part, which needs to be improved upon to match the WOW factor of the products.

Go, visit the website and order some of the coolest products with your name or photo printed on it.

Some of their other best selling things apart from gifts for girls are monogrammed cushion covers, clocks, bath robes, whisky & Champagne glasses, beer mugs, passport and cheque book holders, coasters, mouse pads, flip flops, umbrellas, water bottles, wallets, aprons etc.



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