Good knight’s Fabric Roll-On is Truly God Sent

Like a seven year old, I want to ask God –

  • Why has he created mosquitoes?
  • What‘s the purpose of their existence?
  • Can they possibly ever become extinct like dinosaurs?
  • Is there an absolutely effective way they can be kept away, for good?

God never replies to us in words but, He has His own ways to answer and solve our problems.

Like He did for this one!

I was struggling to find an effective outdoor mosquito repellent for my daughter who loves to play outdoors and we have tried all sorts of fancy bands and creams available in the market. I won’t say they were ‘placebos’ but still, they did not deliver the desired results. Fear of deadly diseases like dengue and chikungunya due to mosquito bites always kept me on edge.

One dayI saw an advertisement about a Good knight Fabric Roll-On mosquito repellent on television.

This seemed different. On my very next visit to the market, I picked this cute compact blue coloured bottle of Fabric Roll-On, which claims to keep mosquitoes away by using just 4 dots of it on clothes.

Like really.. I thought? Time to put it to test!

One evening, when my daughter was  all set to step out to play, I called her and started applyingthe Roll-On onher dress.

“Mamma, I am not going to a party that you are putting some perfume on me”, she said looking utterly surprised with my unexpected act.

Patting her affectionately, I said, “This is not any regular fragrance. It is a mosquito repellent. Now go! And once you’re back, tell me if it was it enough.”

But the curious mother in me could not wait for her verdict. I applied it on myself and sat in the balcony with a cup of tea and one of my unfinished books. It was almost getting dark in the evening and usually at that time of the day, it is difficult for us to sit outside without fidgeting and shooing away those peskymosquitoes. To my absolute but pleasant surprise, I did not get irritated by their buzzing or get bitten even once.


Finally my quest for an effective and non-chemical based outdoor mosquito repellent found closure!

Now, it’s been a long time since we are using Good knight Fabric Roll-On and I am extremely pleased with the efficacy and result. I don’t have to worry about recurrent reapplication as with only 4 dots on clothes (not even skin), it gives protection from mosquitoes for up to 8 hours.

No harsh chemicals but 100% natural as it made using pure citronella and eucalyptus oils.

And aha, that delicate scent!

The best assurance comes from the fact that paediatricians have certified it as completely safe even for small babies– it is a great mosquito repellent.For babies younger than 2 months, the 4 dots are to be applied on their cots or prams.

I can’t thank God and Good knight enough!

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