Good Parenting 101

Here is a wonderful article from a dear friend – Zeba Siddiqui on good parenting tips.





Zeba, an educationist, is a doting mother of two. She believes in instilling right values and mannerism at the right stage of growing years. Read her article to know more….


Parenting 101

Do you also believe that parenting is something which comes naturally to couples just by the inherent ability to conceive and give birth to a child?

I don’t. Parenting is an art and a whole lot moral science, which needs to be learnt and practiced with patience, patience & more patience.

Being a mother of two, I know that parenting is the most complex job in this world, yes almost rocket science.

Good Parenting

Good parenting involves overall mental, physical and social development of the child in such a manner that the child grows as a responsible adult and contribute positively to the society.

Now imagine this.

A party where kids are shouting over your head, recklessly creating a mess around and hovering over the snacks as if they are seeing GOOD food very first time in their lives. I am sure more than the children you would make a bad opinion of the parents.

Good manners don’t come in dreams. They have to be taught.

Over and over. Again and again.

Stages of Parenting

Still in the Tummy

Parenting is a continuous process which starts even before the child comes into this world. Studies have proven that the child in his mother’s womb starts getting affected by the voices outside. The other day someone suggested that my son is good at English language because I was a teacher, taking language classes while carrying him.

Naughty Infants & Toddlers

Then comes infancy – full of coos and cuddles followed by terrible toddlers when the child becomes so assertive that he wants everything to happen according to his wish. Toilet training is perhaps the toughest part of this stage.

Student Life

When the child becomes school going, this is the time to teach him to become responsible and encouraged to do small chores. They should be taught the virtues like courtesy, honesty and politeness which will go a long way in developing them in gentlemen and ladies.

As for me I have also tried to instil a faith in God in my kids and taught them to pray because it really helps one when he or she is faced with a stressful situation.

Teenage & Adolescence

The toughest age for parenting is no doubt adolescence when one has to deal with children sensitively. He starts trusting his friends more than his parents which could be dangerous at times. This is the time when the parents have to be very patient with the child and lend him unconditional support. Even if he falters, his folly should be shunned and not the child lest he may turn to t the peer group for support who may further led him to destruction.

The news of young boys and girls committing suicide over broken relationships or poor results in exams raise a big question mark on their parent’s skill to teach them to handle the pressures of life.

End Result…

Each one of us wants our child to be the best so that we can be proud of them but it takes a lot of time, patience and skill to mould them into the person we want them to become and this is what good parenting is all about.


I am sure you do, NOW!

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3 thoughts on “Good Parenting 101

  1. Those are some good nuggets of wisdom Zeba! What struck me most was “Even if he falters, his folly should be shunned and not the child lest he may turn to t the peer group for support who may further led him to destruction.”

    This is so so true!

  2. Hello Dear Zeba thanks a lot for choosing such a tender and lovely topic. I am just two year old mum of twins. As all says terrible two’s ; you get frustrated feeling. But here your suggestions are definitely going to help me out in raising my Lil one. Motherhood needs a lot of patience. Even I have something to share as well on raising happy kids.
    *First and foremost don’t be their only love. We should try to involve our elder ones in their upbringing.
    especially their grandparents. It is very important.
    *Let them be creative.
    *Bring them near to nature don’t be afraid of dust. Explorer together.
    *Funny though but let them to be silly. also get involve with them.
    *Let them be little and so on….
    Parenting is a long and tiring work, but when you can find a joy in this journey it sure makes the job more fun.
    Once again thank you so much for your valuable information. And a bid thanks to* all things Gud.

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