Handmade Diwali Gift

Diwali gift shopping is plain difficult!

Year on year you just buy things from the market and gift to your loved ones.

Try something FUN this time.

And the best part- even your children can help you do it!

Let’s make a quick, economical and easy DIY gift for Diwali.

Trust me, it will surely win hearts!

You would need,

  • 6-8 plain chai glasses

(easily available in local crockery shops. Don’t go in malls looking for them, check out the small, modest shops in your                    area)


  • Fevicryl  Sparkling Pearl Colors (it is a fabric paint)

I picked 4 colors – firozi blue, yellowish gold, mint green and  rani pink (these are not actual color names) and made 2                     more colors mixing them.

  • Broad brush

How to do it

  • Simply paint the glasses on outside, leaving some upper boarder.


  • Apply second coat once the first one dries (approximately after half an hr)


  • ………..you are done!



If you are the artistic kinds, go ahead with some more intricate painting and detailing on the glasses.

Packing Ideas

Put them together in a basket and wrap all over with a clear cellophane paper.

or Stack them together, one above the other and then wrap in a clear cellophane.

Watch for my another post,  I will tell you how to paint a kettle to go along with this!


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