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‘Tera sabun slow hai kya…….’

That’s what Lifebuoy reminds me of – smart advertising of an effective product which is there in our lives from the times when shoes meant Bata, watches were only Titan and ‘a soap’ was synonymous with Lifebuoy!

That dark pink, rectangular bar with a distinctively characteristic fragrance might have graduated from solid blocks to liquid hand washes, changed colours and introduced novel hand sanitizers & body washes in the market but its complete germ protection assurance and trust factor remains same and very much intact in every Indian household.

Lifebuoy, being India’s leading hand washing agent also holds extensive ethical obligation and responsibility towards the society and its well-being.

Help A Child Reach 5 is one of the numerous social initiatives launched by Lifebuoy. The mission of this campaign is to teach mothers a simple lifesaving habit of washing hands ‘often’ in a day and just by doing that ‘Help A Child Reach 5’.

Alarming & Startling Facts

6 million children die every year before the age of 5 and 40% of these deaths occur within 28 days of their birth!

Resolution – Simple!

Just by washing hands with soap before a mother touches her baby has proven to prevent several deaths caused diarrhea, dysentery, flu, food borne illnesses, hand, foot & mouth disease and other respiratory tract infections. These illnesses can lead to grave consequences, if and when, left untreated in infants and small children.

#Helpachildreach5  – This campaign is initiated to increase awareness regarding washing hands with soap at five events during the day – at bath-time, before breakfast, before lunch, before dinner and after visiting the toilet. The aim is to change the behavioral pattern in masses and making the act of frequent ‘hand washing’ become a natural habit.

Recently at Inox, Mumbai, Lifebuoy launched a touching short film – Chamki in the presence of campaign’s Brand Ambassador Kajol Devgan, Samir Singh, Executive Director, Hindustan Unilever and other dignitaries amidst 100 pregnant women and numerous journalists and bloggers from various cities.


The documentary sure brings a little twinkle in your eyes and choke the throat for a while. The film, directed by Anand Gandhi, showcases the emotional journey of a pregnant mother and her aspirations for her child. It emphasizes upon the significance of doing a simple act of hand washing during pregnancy and early neonatal days and saving a LIFE!

Endearing Chamki makes everyone take a pledge to spread this awareness message, far and wide.


Chamki’s story urges everyone to join the mission of washing hands and save lives.

Share the video with an expecting mother and remind her that –

Safe and Hygienic First 28 Days Can Help a Child Reach 5!

Know more about the initiative here

Stats reference – Newborns: Reducing mortality, WHO, 2012

image source: & Lifebouy

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