Himalaya’s Extra Large Gentle Baby Wipes

Wet wipes – These humble pieces of disposable, moist cloth/paper are a blessing for every parent.

Mankind (especially mommies) is hugely indebted to the inventors of diapers and wet wipes.

Although my daughter is 11 years old and diapers have become history, milk bottles are long forgotten, mid-night colic is a thing of past but even today, I can evidently recount the bliss of having wet wipes in my life and my toddler’s bag.

I started using wet wipes when my daughter was an infant. I tried and tested every brand possible that was available in the market. After the initial experimentation, I eventually settled for Himalaya Gentle Baby Wipes.

I had several reasons to back my choice –

They are,

  • safe and trusted
  • recommended by doctors
  • gentle on baby’s skin
  • affordable

himalaya wet wipes extra large

Himalaya’s gentle baby wipes comes in three different packaging and sizes – 12s, 24s, and 72s. The handy pack of baby wipes is easy to carry around. Infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera and Indian Lotus extracts, these wipes are mild enough to soothe baby’s bottoms during a diaper change. They do not cause rashes even with frequent usage.

I don’t remember how they were priced 11 years ago but today the rates are –

12 sheets for INR 40

24 sheets for INR 75

72 sheets for INR 175

Bigger and Better 

Recently Himalaya has introduced Extra Large Gentle Baby Wipes which are double the size of other regular gentle wipes. These wipes gently cleanse and refresh baby’s delicate skin, keeping it soft and supple.

The wipes are superior in quality and is enriched with the goodness of Himalaya Baby Lotion, the wipes are free from silicones and lanolin.

himalaya wet wipes extra large

These extra-large gentle baby wipes offer the convenience of cleansing the baby from head-to-heel using with just one wipe.

This idea of introducing extra-large wipes is ingenious as with smaller wipes, usually mother’s end up using at least 2 to 3 wipes in one go. But with large sized wipes, just one wipe is enough for the whole cleaning process.

Wipes also come handy 

  • to freshen up the baby at the end of the day
  • when baby needs a quick clean-up on days he/she is unwell
  • for cleaning up after the meal or play time
  • for all-time, on-the-go freshness


Directions to Use 

Pull out one wipe and gently cleanse baby’s body. Dispose after one use. Reseal the package to keep rest of the wipes fresh and moist.

Himalaya Extra Large Gentle Baby Wipes is available at all leading pharmacies, modern trade outlets, exclusive Himalaya stores and online at www.himalayastore.com

wet wipes himalaya extra large

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