I Am Happy in Life. Should I Be Sorry About It?

I wonder why…

people say this all the timehar kisi ki zindagi main koi na koi problem toh hoti hi hai?’

I absolutely dislike and want to duck this statement.

It suddenly makes me out-of-the-place, I start feeling incomplete and begin to look for reasons I should have in life to complain about?

I do a quick mental check –

Husband – loving, caring, respects my freedom, doesn’t interfere much 

Basics met – own house, car, job

Finances – alhamdullilah (translate as  – thankfully, enough!)

Health – so far, so GUD (self, family)

House help – couldn’t ask for more & better

Career – doing what I like to do


What else?

I still mutter a meek (fake) reply – ‘yeah that is true!’

But the haunting and daunting statement thrown randomly stays unanswered within.

(I am sure in their minds, they get busy analysing what ‘I’ lack in life.”There MUST be something! But this b*t*h never goes vocal about it…pata nahi kya samajhti hai khud ko..huh.. try to be Ms. Perfect”)

After several of such unsolicited encounters, guilty contemplation and heavy introspection, I realized, may be the issue is not with me but with people around.

We just love to crib, sulk and feel sorry about ourselves. Blissfully.

May be because it brings in sympathy and makes a GUD point of discussion, a ‘cool’ conversation starter.

Baai, saas, back pain, children’s school workload and yes, rates of pyaz & aalo are eternal ‘hot’ topics and are there to stay forever.

‘Intolerance’, Chennai floods and Delhi’s current pollution level types pop-up as trending ones and then fade off.

Work related issues, boss being nasty or extreme weather conditions are cribbed about as in when needed.


I agree we have problems, issues and hardships in life but let’s not cease and weave our lives around and because of them.

Talking it over surely takes off the load at times and is much needed but please………. not like all the time! Really!!

Positive thinking and working towards resolution will help better than putting the problems on audio repeat.

Next time you are in a group, talk about happy things, constructive politics (if there is any), upcoming fun events, cool places to eat and visit, GUD reads, new hobbies and loads of healthy gossip (yeah, that too..why not?).

Remember, nobody is actually interested in your new yoga teacher or your unending, unresolvable baai stories. Out of politeness they might not shut you up but trust me it bores them totally!be-with-someone-who-makes-you-happy-facebook-timeline-cover-pictureCut the crap in life!

Following someone with GUD intentions is not culpable…..

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