Kitchen (1 0f 3 From ‘How To Organise’ Series)

How To Organise Series Part 1

Think beyond home décor. Think organizing!

People say I have OCD. Well, I won’t be honest if I disagree. But for me, my home needs attention beyond décor. After all, when there are other things occupying my mind, the last thing I want is not finding things in their place. So, I go beyond home décor. I organize.

Cynical it may sound, it has always been my belief that even on a pitch-dark night, me or any member of my family must be able to find things. If you follow these three simple rules, you are bound to stay organized and clean:

  • Make sure to have a place for everything and keep back everything in that place.
  • Do not buy if you don’t know how to use.
  • Take out just 5 minutes of your time before going to bed at night. You will wake up to a fresh start the next morning.
  • If you haven’t used something in the last six months, you will perhaps never use it. Just give it away!
  • Dust your home regularly. At least once in a week.

And as they say, you must never keep good things to yourself, let me share a few organizing tips, one space at a time.  Hope the little things I’ve done comes handy to you all. So, let’s get started!

How I Organize My Kitchen

My kitchen is accessed by three women in my family: my cook, my Mother-in-law and myself. So, it was important for me to have systems that were functional.

Kitchen Organizing Tip 1: Have a designated place for each type/category of kitchen items.

I have a dedicated place for my appliances. So, when my cook wants to grind she knows from where to pull and where to keep back. Segregating this way will not lead your maids to do things by their fancies!

1. How I organize My Kitchen

Kitchen Organizing Tip 2: Re-categorize things. It will further reduce the mess.

 2. How I organize My Kitchen

I have dedicated drawers for spoons, ladles and other small items. I have further divided the drawer using slim drawer organizers and baskets, to accommodate them size wise. This will prevent all the digging and searching, leave alone the noise!


Kitchen Organizing Tip 3: Make decluttering a habit.

 4. How I organize My Kitchen

Plastic items are usually the most unorganized and messy part of any household. In India, we tend to get lot of boxes for return gifts. We feel excited to use them till we find the rack over flowing. There is a simple solution to it. Let go off the greed. Donate. Keep only those which are more modular and can fit one inside the other.

Kitchen Organizing Tip 4: Label everything!

Labelling makes things look neat. When you label you would know that the contents of that empty box need a refilling. You can avoid a lot of wastage of things and money.


5. How I organize My Kitchen

We will be back with more organising tips and ideas in our How To Organise SeriesKeep watching!

Guest Post by Sonali Vinnakota

IMG_9039“I am a mom to twins, wife of a supportive husband, an ex-banker, academician and an entrepreneur. I am passionate about organizing. Well, you may say I have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) when it comes to arranging things in my home!

When I wanted to organize a space in my home, I did what most others would do: scour magazines and the internet for ideas and then spend countless hours trying to find the right products in stores or on e-commerce sites. Several times, this did not get me to what I wanted. There had to be a better way.

That gave birth to, a place that makes home organizing easy. It’s a place where you can get ideas on how to organize your home. It’s a place where I help you know and find the right product from thousands of home-organizing products available online and offline. It’s a place where you can seek professional help to find personalized recommendations for organizing your home. And, a place where you can showcase your organized home to the world. It’s all you would want to organize your home.

My mantra? Be organized. Be productive. Be happy!”

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