Makhmali Dahi Baray

I feel so proud to say – I make absolutely yummy and soft dahi baray, a favorite with everyone, all the time!

Look how the wonder is done in this super easy dahi baray recipe….

For fried baras

– Soak white urad daal overnight and grind in fine paste or get ready made dahi bara batter available in the market.

– To this batter, add little salt, 1 spoon ginger garlic paste and 1 table spoon chironji. Whisk for a while.

– In a big vessel take water, add salt and 3 pinch hing. Keep aside.

– In a deep kadai, heat oil. Once it comes to the smoking point lower the flame.

– Wet your hands or a table spoon and start adding small baras in the oil. Fry well from both sides.

– Once done, strain them in the hing- salt water. Let them be submerged in that water for good 10-15 minutes.

– Once they become soft, sqeeze out the water and store in a container.


For masala dahi

– Whisk curd to a creamy consistency.
– Add 1 tablespoon paste of green chilli and garlic. Add kala namak to taste, kuti red chilli and roasted cumin powder.
– Plate bare with lots of masala curd and garnish with dry masala and green coriander.

An absolute must to go with this is sweet tamarind chutney!

That’s why I say – Cooking is love made edible!

Dahi Baray Recipe By Sania Siddiqui

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