My Book


Come January 2018 and my first book will be out there, published.

Can’t wait for the moment when the hard copy, a real, printed book would be in my hands!

To brief you a little on what the book is about….

Not self help or any heavy, motivational read, it is plain fiction, humour.

My Stuff Speaks!

Tell-a-Tale of My Belongings

What happens when the things you own begin to speak? Not just speak, but speak about you! This is what happens to Mrs. Google, who thinks she knows it all. But, she didn’t know that her belongings held grudges against her.

The protagonist Mrs. Google comes in contact with an online genie who grants her a wish. Being an extremely curious person, Mrs. Google chooses to know what the objects of her daily use feel and think about her. Genie fulfills the wish with slight variation, where Mrs. Google would not be able to ‘hear’ her handbag, lipstick or mirror talking aloud and upfront BUT whenever she so desires, can wish for an object’s perspective before going to sleep and shall dream about the same. Genie reasoned since she lives in a society and have people all around, they don’t want to startle or scare them by witnessing a speaking car or a dress crying for mercy loudly.

Blessed with a super power, Mrs. Google presumes she is going to have the time of her life. But the experience that follows is not quite what she expects, as it exposes the chinks in her personality and conduct.

As her clothes, shoes, phone, handbags and other stuff starts voicing their views, Mrs. Google discovers unexplored facets of her life, which she had never cared to muse upon earlier. Will she emerge wiser and saner or buckle under the pressure of harsh realisation?

My Stuff Speaks will not only have you in splits, with its wry sense of humour, it will also make you pause and ponder about the idiosyncrasies of people and the drama that surrounds them.