Milk & All That Jazz About Doodh

Doodh, doodh, doodh

Doodh hai wonderful, Pee sakte hai roz glass full;

Garmi mein daalo doodh mein ice, Doodh ban gaya very nice……..

Closing my eyes when I visualize my growing up days in 90s, a glassful of milk on the table at 8.15 AM and me in uniform is the most prominent image that flashes across; the above jingle running as a background score. It looked so magical when the white milk turned pink on stirring (due to Roohafza at the bottom of the glass)!

All children grow up with a lot of milk-talk happening around them; starting from the days of infancy, when it is their staple diet to the time when they begin detesting it to no end.

It appears that the only ambition (read obsession) in a mother’s life is to make her kids drink as much milk as humanly possible.

To pull off her target, my mother also tried every potential option of favoring it with Bournvita, Horlicks, Roohafza, mango, banana, nuts, even a hint of coffee! Consuming milk in other forms of dairy like cheese, paneer, yogurt etc in her psychology, does not count as ‘drinking milk’. She would get her chain ki need only if I and my brothers had glasses full of milk because as she thought and said – ‘DRINKING milk is healthy’.

At that time, carton or packaged milk were not in the picture. Good old dhoodhwala bhaiyya used to deliver it in his visibly unclean aluminium cans. Calculated addition of water and unintentional infestation of microbes (during the whole process of extracting milk from the animal, storing and delivering it to the customer) was a usual norm.

On transferring it in our steel pateelis, my mother used to boil it for good 20-30 minutes in order to ‘kill the germs’. Oh poor darling, neither did she knew nor realised that boiling is killing the organisms but also taking the nutrition away from milk.

Today, when the wisdom has seeped in with age and knowledge from education, I also give my daughter a glassful of milk everyday; not the loose or pouch milk but UHT treated which is packed in safe Tetra Pak packages!

Watching her gulp down that glassful of milk gives me immense contentment of providing her safe nutrition, how exactly it must have given to my mother then (may not be as safe, UHT or packaged in a Tetra Pak but full of LOVE).

So c’mon, #milkup mommies!

Give your child the best and safe nutrition, give them packaged milk.

Let them also grow up with happy and healthy milk memories.


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Article by Sania Siddiqui, 1st June’15

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  1. My partner and I came over here different web address and thought I might as well check things out. I like what I see so now i am following you. Look forward to going over your web page again.

  2. I m juggling with this issue since past 3-4 months.I wonder when will be the day when she will gorge on her bottle or glass of milk without making faces.

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