My Stuff Speaks – Now Available

….and finally my book is available NOW!

happy dance!

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A small excerpt from the book –

There was also a friend request from someone called Gracious eGenie. Did I know her? I checked her profile as the pseudonym didn’t give away much. She wasn’t a familiar face and we didn’t have any mutual friends. She was not even from my country.

But there was something intriguing about the profile. And so, instinctively I pressed the ‘accept’ tab. Ten minutes later, I received a message in my inbox.


Hi Sania,

Thanks for accepting my request. I am a genie. The magical creature you have read about in Arabic folklore that lives inside a lamp (sometimes in a bottle) and grants wishes upon being summoned. Owing to our diminished popularity, widespread distrust and fading belief among humans about our existence, we have revamped ourselves as eGenies Version 2.0. We have decided to swing back into the mainstream by starting a digital campaign.

The first 100 people who accept our friend request will be granted a ‘wish’. Congratulations to you for being among the few lucky ones! Get back to me with one wish that you want fulfilled and I’ll see what best I can do.

Much love!


Gracious eGenie 2.0
Manager Human Resources Genies Inc.

PS: Please don’t ask me to convert your remaining 500 and 1,000-rupee notes into the new currency or mellow down your mother-in-law. I am sure you realise that few things are beyond the bounds of possibility.

Does her wish comes true?

Find out in the book!


My Stuff Speaks – A hilarious book by Sania Siddiqui

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