No More Pads, Period Panty is Here!


Ever since I have seen baby diapers in the form of underwear (the famous Mommy Poko Pants), I used to wonder if the same technology and style is not possible for period days?

And look, here it is!

Thinx – A revolutionary sanitary napkin in the form of a panty and that too sexy ones!


ThinX is the brain child of twin Indian sisters Radha and Miki Agrawal and their friend, Antonia Dunbar.

Cheers, claps, applaud, hats off!

Who would have imagined THAT?

So, no more worrying about stains, uncomfortable pads, frequent changes and rashes.


ThinX is designed in America but made in Sri Lanka, giving work opportunities to several women.

But hey, you may have to wait a while till they start sourcing it to Indian market or a competitor crops up locally.

Meanwhile, you can ask a friend traveling to US to bring some for you.

Read full story here

Watch the amazing ‘Our Story’ video of the inventors!

Article by Sania Siddiqui

All pictures sourced from ThinX and Fast Coexist

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