Nutritional Review of Maggi

Keeping aside the recent MSG & Lead controversy, let’s look into the nutritional content of Maggi.

1 pack of Maggi which is about 80 gms has

345 – Calories

14.4 gms – Fat (8 gm fat per 100gm is the advocated limit)

9 gm – Protein

1300 mg – Salt but not mentioned on the pack – May be because it has too much of that!

What you may not know is,

All instant noodles are DEEP FRIED for quick cooking and that’s where all the fat content comes from!

So out of all the 345 calories in a pack of noodle, not much in terms of nutrition is coming to you.

But if you eat half a cup of cooked rajma with a small bowl of steamed rice, it will also give 380 calories along with fiber, vitamin C & A, potassium and protein.

So take your pick sensibly & make informed choices!

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Dr. Sania Siddiqui

Safe Food Ambassador, Tetra Pak

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