Organize Baby Clothes Like a Pro

 I am delighted to present a Guest Post from my blogger friend Zeffirra.

Trust me…. she knows magic.

Yes, she does! She has umpteen tricks hidden under her sleeve to vanish the clutter, organised unruly and tackle mess with a blink of her eye. She was gracious enough to share some functional, pocket friendly and easy-to-do-ideas on managing baby clothes.

20011_10153346182526014_566796643245025504_nZeffirra works with a private equity firm, married to a workaholic surgeon and is a mother to a beautiful girl. Her days are crazy juggling between work, home, her darling daughter, family and friends. As crazy as it is, she couldn’t be happier and more thankful for the life she has. She believe in not dwelling on the past and not worrying about the future. Instead she focuses on her present which is truly a ‘present’ (gift) from above. So here she is, sharing her ‘present’ with you.

She blogs at I Heart My Present 

Taming Baby Clothing

From the day Zayb was born till today I have hardly bought her any stuff. She has received most of her clothes, toys, etc. as gifts. The grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends just seem to love buying her stuff. Lucky girl. But this leaves me with lots and lots of clothing and toys to organize and store. Moreover small kids are constantly outgrowing their clothes (its amazing how kids grow up so fast. They can give the bean stalk a run for its money) and one is left with a huge pile of ‘hand me downs’ with no place to store (in Mumbai it is luxury to have a decent sized apartment; expecting ample storage space is asking for too much).
So here is what I do to make sure that Zayb’s clothes and essentials are sorted, organized and easily accessible. We have a plastic drawer system with 6 mid sized drawers for the clothes and stuff in use. The stuff that she has outgrown and is still to fit in is stored in another area. I will get in to that some other time.
Step 1: I categorize the clothes into different buckets, like onesies, dresses, tops, bottoms etc.
Step 2: Neatly fold the the clothes and store them in small baskets category wise. I am no expert at folding and this is as neat as I can get.
Step 3: Label. OK, so I know this may seem funny to most of you. But labeling is absolutely essential in my case and I will explain why. On most days the laundry is put away by my domestic help. In absence of the labels I can only dream hope and pray that stuff goes in to the correct drawers. Being a working mom I have to make sure that things stay organized for as long as possible (or at least till the weekend). And labeling seems to help with that a little.
For the time being this system works for taming the chaos. I might need something more advanced shortly.
Thanks Zeffirra!
We are awaiting more of your wonderful organizing tips and ideas.


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