Paint Party – Be Creative, Get Social, Have Fun

Gripped by the ‘start-up’ mania, today we are fervent to explore new things in every facet of life. Work, leisure, food, fashion, lifestyle – monotony and ‘being regular’ is passé.

So, move over run-of-the-mill party-sharty. A unique social gathering concept is coming up in a big way, where you can paint on canvas, eat-drink, have fun around, listen to some rocking music, unwind and completely chillax!!

And that’s known as a ‘Paint Party’!

Sounds interesting?

Here is more to it…..


Recently I attended a Paint Party organised by COCA (acronym of Cocktails 2 Canvas).

Cocktails 2 Canvas is an innovative platform, brainchild of Charlie’s Angels– Aliyah, Deepika & Zehra.



Deepika (a professional Painter), Zehra (an established Entrepreneur) and Aliyah (a Child Psychologist/Art Therapist) thought of unleashing people’s creativity with a cocktail in one hand and a paintbrush in the other – and that’s how Cocktail 2 Canvas came in existence!

PS – You don’t have to be a ‘Painter’ to join this

PPS – Teetotalers can enjoy their cuppa or a mocktail instead of drinks




How it works!

PrerequisitesNone except compliance to have fun & make merry!

Most of the Paint Parties include these…

  • 2 to 3 hours’ session, led by an artist-in-residence, organised at a local restaurant or any other similar set up
  • Painting supplies including colours, different type of brushes, canvases, easel, color palette, aprons, rags, stationary etc is provided by the organiser
  • Drinks/tea/coffee and usually light snacks are served






My Paint Party was at The Classic Rock Coffee Co. at Kalyani Nagar in Pune. It’s a nice place, lots of open space with a heavy rock feel all around.

For whom it works?

  • Amateur
  • Just-starting painters
  • Born painters and even for…
  • That sleeping painter in YOU!




  • Take home the masterpiece you create
  • Meet several other people, make new friends, network or just have your own good time
  • De-stress! Colors are known and proven to have soothing & calming effect on your senses
  • Enjoy your drinks & food
  • Learn to paint from the scratch
  • Get high on creative pleasure!





all things GUD comes with a price, don’t they?

Ticket price for these paint parties depends on the location and drinks/food served.

Trust me it is quite reasonable, considering the product quality they offer!



So, for upcoming events by COCA14137905_10154557395974429_1678367079_n

do keep in touch with…

Zehra – 0-9850906649

Aliyah – 0-9823767064

Visit their website  Cocktails2Canvas 

Like the page on Facebook 

And remain updated of their upcoming workshops in your city and in the café around you!


4 thoughts on “Paint Party – Be Creative, Get Social, Have Fun

  1. Excellent work zee & aliyah mariam. V innovative & creative. A mean to socialize & destress urself. Bravo gud job girls. One suggestion— if u cud sell these paintings & donate d money to charity it wud b great too. As an artist i wud like to donate a few sketches of mine for this cause……incase u come up with the charity drive. All d best girls. COCO rocks

    1. Hey thankyou for the lovely comments! Yes we are in talks with NGOs for Tie ups for a good cause and could love to start selling the artists work for charity too…
      Do connect with me on 9823767064- Aliyah

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