PCOS – Manage It The Herbal Way

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome – a condition in which woman’s hormones go berserk!

(..and women with hormonal fluctuation can get really difficult & tricky to handle. Ask husbands, they get to see a little glimpse of it when their wives are PMSing.)

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In PCOS, small, multiple cysts develop in a woman’s ovary.

This can cause undesirable changes in looks (weight gain, excessive hair growth, acne), menstrual cycle (irregular monthly period) and even in conception (infertility).



If it isn’t diagnosed & treated well in time, it can even lead to grave and debilitating health problems like diabetes and heart disease.


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1 out of every 10 women suffers from PCOS!!

This is a huge number.

So when I came across this extremely informative site of Furocyst, I couldn’t resist sharing it.

Do visit and know more about this extensively prevalent condition – PCOS. (read here)

While reading through the site, I also came to know that fenugreek has shown proven results in clearing out PCOS (This is backed by clinical studies on the same. Read about the trial here.).

There is not absolute cure for PCOS but it can definitely be controlled and managed with clinical intervention.

A healthy diet, exercise, an eye on weight gain, not smoking and sometimes medicines to balance hormones helps a lot.

Then there are also clinically proven nutraceuticals like Furocyst.

Furocyst is an innovative product derived from a natural plant without affecting the chemical properties of the active fractions. It has no chemicals and is a promising dietary supplement effective for management of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

Fenugreek seed extract is the main ingredient in Furocyst and during the trial it caused significant reduction in the volume of the ovary and size of the cyst.

So now, if you know anyone who is diagnosed with PCOS, do share this post.

It surely will be of GUD use to her.

To know more on how fenugreek can help in PCOS, check here.

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Disclaimer – The post here is not a recommendation of any medication or substitute to other medical treatments, one is undergoing to manage PCOS. Do consult the doctor on this.

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