Pre School – Yay or Nay?

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‘Preschool a dire necessity or a luxurious choice’

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Sometimes even the easiest of the questions become difficult to answer when it is pertaining to your little one’s future. I am sure it does happen with all of us –“the club of conscious parents” as I choose to call.

Choosing a ‘play school’ is not a child’s play for sure. I can definitely vouch from my own experience 1.5 years ago when I was going through the entire preschool admission process for my son.


Personally, before arriving at a point where I get down to choosing the right preschool, I had to overcome the hurdle of whether the child needs a preschool or not? Strange ….duh!! One of the many free advices you get when you have elders at home to take care of the kids. J

Through this article I wish to share with all of you the answer to this fundamental question “Preschool – Needed or not”!!

Having experienced the process, it is an affirmative YES! Let us explore why and how preschool education really makes a difference in your little one’s life.


Though for parents it is an overwhelming moment when the child steps out of the protective and comfortable cocoon of home and enters into the world of strangers alone. It can be rightly said that “One small step for the child …is a big leap for parents”.

Here I am listing the reason why I, as a toddler’s mom, say YES for pre-schools!

  • Instils self-confidence and independence in toddlers
  • Initiates the concept of structured learning through free play and guided play activities
  • Develops socio-emotional quotient of the child
  • Nurtures feeling of companionship

Overall good preschool education lays a very strong foundation for the years to come.

On a personal note, I saw my son learn by leaps and bounds after he joined the preschool. It was so heartening to see him transition from a reserved kid to a confident child who started engaging with teachers, friends and strangers with his sweet banter.

Moreover in today’s nuclear family scenario, being a single child, kids yearn for companionship and preschool gives them the right environment to connect with other kids of their age group.


Preschools, with the right vision and the right set of core values, are the sunshine which each child should get. So choosing the right preschool for your kid is as important as being mindful of giving a balanced meal to your loved one. A good pre-school gives a similar nurturing environment which helps the child blossom.

At the end, I would just say preschooling is a transformational experience not only for the child but also for the parents.

Ciao folks…till then Happy Parenting!

Note: The Post is authored by a happy mom who selected Little Millennium Preschool as the stepping stone for her son into the world of education!

3 thoughts on “Pre School – Yay or Nay?

  1. I am a mother of a 5-yr old and I couldn’t agree more. In fact Preschool education does so much more. It builds the foundation for learning and development in future years. It gives a home-like environment to the child, away from home. And the focus on playing and activities is perfect for the child to begin their learning journey. I think Preschool years are the best years for children.

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