Ramadan – Myths & Facts

Fasting during the month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam.

People carry several misconceptions about these 30 days of fasting.

Let’s seek the truth!

#Myth – Fasting means ONLY abstaining from food & drink the whole day.



Apart from not eating or drinking from dawn to dusk, there is a lot more to Ramadan.

  • It makes one understand what it feels like to be hungry and as a learning, never let a soul starve. It encourages people to help poor and less fortunate.
  • It teaches self restrain.
  • It is the time to pray, come closer to God and cleanse one’s spirit.
  • Roza also prohibits one from cheating, lying, gossiping and nursing one’s ego; broadly staying away from all the ills.


#Myth –  Everybody has to fast, irrespective of age and physical condition.

Fact: While the religion does call for fasting during the month of Ramadan but not everybody necessarily has to. Young children, elderly, pregnant and lactating women, diabetic people and others with special medical needs can skip this. If doable, they are expected to make up for the lost rozas when they are able to.

#Myth – Swallowing one’s own saliva will break the fast.

Fact: Production of saliva is a continuous and natural process. Swallowing one’s own saliva does not break the fast as it is not consumed from outside as a purpose of nourishment.

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