Review – Awadhi Cuisine Enters Marriott Suites Pune

When I was invited for food tasting at Marriott Suites Pune (previously Oakwood), I instantly made up my mind to go for it.

They were hosting ‘Awadhi Food Festival’ and I read ‘Tunde Kabab’ in the menu sent by them. Coming from Lucknow, I have a personal, much emotional connect with this dish.

So this ‘Awadhi Food Festival’ is scheduled between 15th July to 23rd July at Marriott Suites’ renowned restaurant ‘Senses’. The buffet spread of Awadhi food will be served for dinner from 7.30 pm to 11.00 pm every day during this festival.

It is priced at Rs.1050/- plus taxes per person.

To book your table in advance please contact – Mr. Amitava Das : +91-9158990657

Have a look at some of the exquisite dishes  on the menu that day…

Tunde Kabab – Well, obviously not a replica to the original but quite close….





Gosht biryani was ACTUALLY good….not over loaded with heavy garam masala and masala of yakhni but aromatic, mild and flavourful.




Gravy main dishes of chicken and mutton were GUD too!





What disappointed me was the main Awadhi dessert Muzafar.

Authentic Muzafar or Qiwami Seviyan is a rich, aromatic, full of flavour delicate sweet dish which has a consistency of soft, gooey sooji halwa. Most importantly the thinness of vermicelli matters a lot in this dish – they have to be as thin as a thread (not noddle-like)!

Muzafar/Qiwami Seviyan on the Buffet
Muzafar/Qiwami Seviyan on the Buffet
Real Awadhi Qiwami Seviyan
Real Awadhi Qiwami Seviyan










Read the recipe of authentic Muzafar or Qiwami Seviyan here

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