Review CG Slate – A Perfect Studymate For Your Child

Haven’t you time and again seen your child sulking at the mention of completing his homework?

How often do you go searching for ways to make studying exciting for your child, yet returning with the same old apps that more than often just mean time spent playing on the phone?

I am sure most parents today face the same problems, and if you are one of those, you definitely need to read this article.

So, here I am, sharing with you my experience of a complete tablet learning solution called CG Slate, that I was asked to review by the creators, and I am glad they did so, because I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

CG Slate is a specially designed edutainment tablet for children aged between 4-12 years, leveraging the immense potential of gamification to personalize and enable self-learning.

Some GUD features of the product are,

• World-class content aggregated from best content providers globally, with 1500+ modules mapped to NCERT and National Curriculum Framework (NCF)
• Multiple child profiles allowed, catering to children of different age groups and learning needs
• Audio-visual learning with Indian voice-over support
• Email/SMS reports to keep track of your child’s progress
• Restricted ecosystem with separate pins for parents and kids, which ensures that the child cannot enter the android zone without the parent entering their security pin
• Comes bundled with a Lenovo TAB 2 A7 android tablet, with a separate android zone for parents to use it as a normal tablet

The mascot ‘Titu’ will greet your child as he/she begins this journey and would stay with him/her as a coach and guide, giving reminders to not skip lessons and intrinsically motivating him/her to learn more in order to play more.

Titu is sure to become your child’s best friend.

Watch this explanatory video to know more about CG Slate!

What’s in the box?

The CG Slate comes in a vibrant goodie bag, enough to captivate every child. And inside, there is a whole lot of merchandise accompanying the tablet, which is sure to bring a wide grin to your child’s face!

Here’s what the box contains:
1) A coaster set (4 pieces)
2) Titu Stickers
3) Titu Name Slips
4) Titu Bookmark

My daughter spent a good time admiring the little Titu stickers and I am sure your kids would love the merchandise equally!

My take on it

The interface is child-friendly, the content is age-appropriate and of premium quality, and the reports with filters provide the minutest details about your child’s progress.

The interactive videos, books and assessments explaining every single topic cater to all children with diverse learning needs: the auditory learners, the visual learners and those who learn by doing.

The thing I liked best was the concept of self-learning integrated into the product.


As we all know, a child learns best when he/she is given the freedom to learn and explore at his own pace, and CG Slate provides an environment where the child can learn in a way and at a pace that matches his/her learning capabilities.

In this age of technology, where this is constant innovation in every field, there are a lot of offerings in the educational space. CG Slate cuts through the noise to provide you a credible and tangible solution for all your child’s learning needs.

Creators: ConveGenius Edu Solutions
Price: INR 8,499 (early bird discount for first 1,000 customers, price for them is INR 7,499)
You can buy it here – Flipkart
Visit their website

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