Review JUICE Salon – A Juicy Date for My Hair & Nails

In our ‘Super Spas & Salons of Pune’ series, JUICE was obviously an obvious choice and a ‘must have’ for the feature.

JUICE at JW Marriott is known for its ‘Hair & Nail’ services and is in town for almost 4 years. For facials and other skin treatments, head to Quan Spa next door (on the same floor) at JW Marriott.

JUICE is a swish place. Swanky, clean and clutter free.

Vibrant surroundings (mostly due to colored makeup and other salon stuff displayed on the shelves) & diligently chosen music instantly peps you up.




The painting on the wall adds a lot of drama to the space.


Salon Manager Shitija was a pleasant girl who took me around the place and walked me through the menu of services.

For the review, I chose global hair streaking (highlighting), mani & pedicure.

Zimik, the Hair Art Director of the salon was a lovely girl who knew What-To-Do!

She suggested since I already had reminisce of old, faded streaks, I should go for honey blonde with a little of burgundy mixed in. She said she is going to use some 3D technique (whatever that meant!!)

Woooo that sounded technical and professional!

So I told her – you are the boss, do whatever you think will look best (except for turning me look like a peroxide desi blond).

Zimik used Infinie Platine pre lighting and mixed Loreal Majilift 12.11 & 12.5 to get the desired hue.

As she got into action, Ramesh the mani/padi specialist of the salon suggested we can start with our manicure while the hair is getting streaked.

Ok. Made sense, saved time!



BeautyPlus_20150901074045_fastThe session included basic & regular nail cutting, filing, removing skin removal, buffing, scrubbing and finally a good long massage.


The moisturiser that he used was truly amazing as it left my hands supple for several days after the treatment.


ProductS that they use for their services are – Bed Head & S Factor by TIGI, LYN and L’Oreal.

For Nail Studio it’s LYN & O.P.I (the best in nail lacquer).

The GUD part – you can ‘try & buy’ these products from the salon itself.




Another treat!

As I settled down in their private pedicure room, I realized it was a massage chair.

How cool is that. Luxury at its best?? Indeed!!

So while my feet were getting all cleaned up, I closed my eyes, experiencing my frayed nerves getting soothed by the gentle massage and enjoyed the moment.


I don’t apply nail paint on a regular basis and usually keep the nails very short, so Ramesh couldn’t do much with his expertise on that front.

He wanted to give me acrylic nails, gel polish (it is said to last for a month at least without chipping), French manicure, apply cracked polish and do a lot of other exciting & fun things signature of their salon but poor guy had to give up on my tiny nails and reservations on putting anything long lasting on my nails.


We decided to use bright red for my toes.


So there I was with my ‘Happy Feet Two’.


I absolutely LOVED it!

GUD job done Ramesh.


Guess what?

Even the hair wash stations had massage chairs.


Finally, Zimik checked the status of my colour and decided it’s time for the wash.


(this is how you look with 30 strips of foil in your hair)

She rinsed, washed and conditioned the hair like a pro.

I was too excited to go and have a look how the colour has come.

As she blow dried, the colour started to come alive and show up.

Cheers Zimik!

They looked shiny, lustrous and absolutely gorgeous.














GUD Verdict

 Ambiance– 3.5/5

Service – 4/5

Price – 3/5

Overall Experience – 4.5/5 (happy to come again)

That’s how my hair are looking in the sun.



What I loved….

  • The tea served to me was very nice.
  • Repeatedly I was asked if I want something to drink or eat. Really sweet of them.
  • Staff was extremely courteous.
  • Nobody seemed to be in hurry to finish off their task.

Thank you Zimik & Ramesh!


Though I got a complimentary service, you have to shell out

Rs. 5500 for Full Highlights Below Shoulder Hair

Rs. 930 for De -Tan Pedicure &

Rs. 812 for a De -Tan Manicure





You can indulge in this goodness atBeautyPlus_20150901074508_fast

2nd Floor, Hotel Marriott,

Senapati Bapat Road,

Pune, Maharashtra 411053

Phone – 020 6500 3936

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Visit their website here

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