Movie Review: Tanu Weds Manu Returns – Flawed but Fun

If curiosity can kill the cat, so does Over Expectation & Hype & another Recently Released Hit Film.

Entertaining YES, but I did not find the movie anything exceptional (unlike Piku)!

High Points –

  1. Datto Kangna – Superb portrayal and ‘into the character’ of a Haryanavi athlete to the ‘T’
  2. Hero’s friend Pappi – One word, Hilarious! Full marks to Deepak Dobriyal. If not for anything else, I can watch this movie over and over for this man.

Flaws –

Actually, too many!

  1. Unrealistic story. A qualified practicing doctor in UK goes to mental asylum for mere shouting & screaming, comes back to India, sees a lookalike of her wife (wife, whom he almost started disliking), falls in love with the new girl immediately (stupid & unconvincing) and asks her to marry him (without even proper processing of his divorce).
  2. UK returned Tanu (Kangna 1) is unabashedly out-of-the-place for the mohalla setting of Lucknow lanes. She enters a family gathering wrapped in just a towel! (who would gulp it down, even if the ghar ki beti had few drinks earlier?) and she roams around the city khullam khulla with her tenant (under the nose of parents), flirts with her old flame and drinks full on.
  3. Her rebel character appears to be taken too far & looks unrealistic.
  4. Hero’s character is most feeble. The guy changes his mind about his love interest and decides to go back to his wife just before the satwa phera because poor ‘sorry wife’ stays back to attend his marriage and sheds few tears while helping the new bride’s family during the wedding preparations.

Verdict – Screenplay writer misses big time on differentiating between creating a bindaas character and an unrealistic one. But you can definitely watch it for a fresh and different flavor of jatt girl.

Dear Kangna, create space for all the upcoming awards that you would get for this performance. Congratulations in advance!

GUD piece of advice – Don’t miss it.


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